2 Easy To Cook Post-Chocolate Binge Alternatives For Kids !

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Apr 23, 2021

With Easter weekend just over, parents across Australia will be faced with the annual dilemma of saying stop to kids refusing to eat anything if it’s not an Easter Egg.

Luckily for us parents heading into chocolate battle post easter break, two of our favourite foodie influencers have shared their genius suggestions to sneak some healthy and delicious snacks into their kid’s diets this Easter, in just two easy steps.

Healthy Little Foodies’ One Ingredient Sorbet 

  1. Pop a bunch of Australian Grapes into the freezer and let them do their thing
  2. Once frozen, blend up the grapes to a smooth consistency and serve


Wholesome Child’s Nut Butter Grapes

  1. Cut a small slice into a handful of Australian Grapes
  2. Fill the grape with your child’s favourite nut butter and sprinkle with chai seeds

Wholesome Child’s Frozen ‘Grapesicles’

  1. Place four Australian Grapes onto a skewer and dip them into your child’s favourite yogurt
  2. Freeze the skewers to create a delicious frozen ‘grapesicle’


If all else fails and you’re feeling particularly mischievous this weekend, try out the prank that spread across social media last year; trick your little ones by wrapping up grapes in mini Easter egg wrappers!

Grape producers across Australia have been growing the tasty little snack for generations; meaning not only are Australian Grapes full of goodness, they’re juicy and delicious too.  


By The Carousel The Carousel has been verified by Muck Rack's editorial team

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