17 Must-See Body Art Images By Australian Artists!

Franki Hobson


Jun 16, 2023

It’s a visual feast of body art, special effects and graphic heaven – here we celebrate art of the human body with these 17 must-see body art images.

Australian body art is being taken to an out-of-this-world new level. But seeing is believing. The idea is to use the body as its three-dimensional canvas. From face painting and special FX, through to airbrushing, surf and skate graphic art and wearable art made from recycled materials there’s plenty of ways to be creative.

While you are on iso time discover the fusion of fashion, art, body art installations and new ways to be creative.

ABAF2015_1Body Art Artist Julie Tattam 

ABAF2015_6 Body Art by Julie Tattam.

Pop Trashion
POP Trashion is a cool melding of the Neo Warhol movement with enviro fashion style – calling for participants to reinvent fashion in a completely cool new way on a human canvas. Think eco chic peppered with pops of colour and you’ve got a creative fusion of fashion, recycling and pop art that also reflects the up-cycling and artisan ethos of the world famous Original Eumundi Markets (OEM), the town’s premier tourist destination.

ABAF2015_3 Get a new look with recycled fashion. Body Art by Julie Tattam.

The Artist To Watch
Australian artist Emma Hack, who shot to global stardom for her creative body painting handiwork in singer Gotye’s haunting international hit Somebody That I Used to Know (feat. Kimbra), which astonishingly has received more than 640 million views on YouTube and has introduced body art to a broad mainstream audience.

_CLE0795-copyEmma Hack’s red-hot artwork.


_DSC6413-copy Emma performs artistic magic. Now you see it…

Blue&White-Portugal-copy … now you don’t! Blue & White Portugal by Emma Hack.

newpeacock Camelia and Peacock by Emma Hack.

Other artists include Sydney body artist Julie Tattam, who created the stunning Pop Art collection featured (above), as well as these pearlers …

MAUNSELLWICKES Body Art by Julie Tattam.

ben Body Art by Julie Tattam.

IMATS13 Body Art by Julie Tattam.

CATRIN Body Art by Julie Tattam.

Melbourne Special FX artist Juliet Bradford will create out of this world body art.

1897984_10151983536311546_430291962_n By Juliet Bradford.

_DSC9777W1 By Juliet Bradford.

Queensland airbrush maestro Symon Molony and Sunshine Coast local artist Nina Neher, as well as award-winning hairdressing creative Ali Holmes and fashion guru Peter Dwyer, are worth keeping an eye on.




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