12 Ways To Reclaim Valentine’s Day

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Feb 12, 2020

Valentine’s Day can bring up all sorts of emotions for people depending on their belief system. February 14 used to bring up a lot of pain, expectations, and loneliness for me, but now I use the day to connect to myself and feel a sense of nourishment and care. My name is Laura Ingram, I’m a singer-songwriter, producer and performer, and these are my top 12 ways to reclaim V-day and nourish yourself. 

1# Have a shower and put on your favourite pyjamas

Remember that feeling of being a kid and getting out of the bath and being in your PJ’s while it’s still light out. Find that again. My favourite are these bamboo cuties by Ettitude. http://bit.ly/37lOEx7

2# Put clean sheets on the bed

I live in linen and am rather obsessed with this pink set by Bed Threads. https://bedthreads.com.au/products/rosewater-linen-bedding-set?variant=11267485794351

3# Light a candle

candle, valentine's day

Whenever I am running out of fire and need to give love to myself I light up this bad boy. It smells like a tall dark and handsome holiday without the jet lag. https://www.atelierlumira.com/collections/home-fragrance/products/arabian-oud

4# Pick some flowers from the garden and put them in a vase

I use my grandmothers old pickling jars and I also love anything by MUD https://mudaustralia.com/product/vase-oval-large/

5# Get your nails done

If you’re always giving to others, it’s great to let yourself be pampered and have someone dig at your cuticles for a second. Anyone in Melbourne needs to visit Miss Jay’s at least once http://www.missjaysnailsandbeauty.com/

6# Book a Gua-sha session

Gua-Sha aims to move energy, known as chi, around the body. The treatment involves using a tool to rub the skin in long strokes, applying enough pressure to create minor bruising. I get it on my back and arms to remove toxins from the body. You can also get on the face for lymphatic drainage. Try it gently at home. http://bit.ly/2SoUtp0

7# Connect to your body


YouTube some restorative yoga, try some self-massage, cook something healthy, go for a walk. Anything to nourish the vessel that holds you. 

8# Make chicken soup

I make this nourishing meal with bone broth which is great for the immune system.  My favourite recipe is in The Auto-Immune Cookbook http://bit.ly/37olX2C

9# Create something

Whenever emotions are high (or low) I make sure I write a poem, sit at my piano or just sing no matter where I am (yes I sing in cafes, walking down the street, and at most inappropriate times). If you’ve got a think you love to make, or that you used to love but make an excuse to stop doing: DO IT. Draw, paint, sew, sing, dance, design, write, sculpt, build, deconstruct, imagine. It’s actually very fun and simple if you can get out of the way of your passion. If you are lost and need a poke in the right direction I recommend The Artists Way http://bit.ly/2SqBbzR

10# Take yourself on a date to the movies

I love my Palace Cinemas membership. Where is your local? https://www.palacecinemas.com.au/

11# Reassess your people

List everyone (or thing) in your life in two categories: “gives me life” & “takes my energy”. If you are a “taker” and have too many givers in your life, consider how to give back and re-establish balance. If you are an “over giver” have too many “takers” leeching your energy, consider who needs to go so you can feel nurtured and energized. 

12# Listen to great cathartic music

I love sharing stories because I get to turn painful experiences into empowering moments of change for others. My debut release was written out of shame, loss and anger, but when you embrace those emotions, they completely transform. Whatever Valentine’s Day makes you feel, that’s ok.


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