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To celebrate the release of the fantastic Australian show Winners & Losers Season 3, Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment is offering you the chance to turn your life around and go from being a loser to a winner, with an interactive session with success, life and business coach Lisa Phillips.

Lisa offers life coach confidence and self-esteem packages that will change your perspective on life – working with you to become more relaxed and confident,  Lisa will teach you valuable exercises to build up self-confidence, reduce anxiety and make you excited to participate in all that life has to offer. If you regularly have #FOMO and hate looking on Facebook and feeling jealous of the exciting lives your friends lead, this is the prize for you!

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Now is the time to revisit the tears, laughter, tragedy and triumph that Winners & Losers Season 3 offered. All 26 episodes in this heartfelt drama will be available for you to own on DVD from July 3rd 2014.

Following the lives of four friends who met as high school losers, Season 3 continues to document their struggles and efforts to transform into winners.

More about life coach Lisa Phillips

“My name is Lisa and I am a Success, Life and Business Coach based in Sydney, Australia. My passion in life is helping people really love, accept and believe in themselves. I love to see people grow during the coaching process and reach out and fulfill their wildest dreams! In particular, I gain great satisfaction watching my clients change from believing they are not worthy, deserving or good enough, to transforming into empowered, loving and responsible individuals who treat themselves like the amazing special people they truly are.

Prior to becoming a success coach, my background was in Finance, Training and Change Management, where I worked in over thirty countries around the world. However, I always felt that this was not my real passion in life but I lacked the confidence and know how to take action and do anything about it. I just felt that the bus of life was driving me round and round wherever it wanted, whether I liked it or not! What I didn’t realise at the time, was that I am more than capable of driving my own bus in exactly the direction I wanted my life to go!

I decided to get into Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Success coaching at a time when it seemed that my life was falling apart around me. I had recently lost my job, got divorced and moved far away from my family and friends. This decision totally transformed my life and I have never looked back. I did not realise at the time what a positive impact coaching would make to all areas of my life. In particular, it allowed me to increase my self-esteem and confidence, and really believe that I was good enough to have the life I wanted to lead!

My life is a continuous journey, and I have experienced endless positive changes. I am now totally committed to helping individuals have a joyous life. My formal training both in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Life coaching have enabled me to develop a holistic approach that is tailored to individuals allowing them to make an effortless transformation in their lives.”

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To be in with a chance of winning this fabulous prize click here!

When you can buy Winners & Losers Season 3

Winners & Losers season 3 is available to purchase on DVD, click here to buy it now. Winners & Losers is “an addictive mix of bubbly romance and compelling drama – it’s a winner” – TV Week


To be in with a chance of winning this fabulous prize click here!

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