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What Does A Broom And Sex Have In Common?

What Does A Broom And Sex Have In Common?

A University of Alberta study found couples who shared household duties equally enjoyed not only more sex in their relationship but better and more satisfying sex.

The study found that both partners enjoyed better and more frequent sex when both engaged in the household jobs instead of leaving the majority to the female partner, which is often the case in a relationship.

Even in same sex couples it is found that the majority of household tasks is less than equally divided.

The imbalanced division of domestic responsibilities is a major area of discourse within couples. This division leads to frustration, anger a feeling of neglect and feeling taken for granted. These emotions within any relationship certainly inhibited on the sexual enjoyment of both partners.

Therefore, helping out and balancing the household chores equally, does not distract from a couple’s sex life, it can greatly enhance it.

Balancing the household chores equally can greatly enhance a couple’s sex life
Balancing the household chores equally can greatly enhance a couple’s sex life

This is not saying that the if one partner works full-time and the other partner works part-time then they both need to equally divide all jobs. What is means is that the division must be balanced and it is the imbalance that creates the issues.

We need to all understand that any home is like a small business and there is considerable work to undertake each week to ensure the business continues to run effectively and end efficiently.

Throw children into this with care, school and all related jobs then you have an escalation of jobs that needs to be done daily, if not hourly.

When couples feel there may be some disparity in their household task division, a conversation on this is imperative.

It is not a matter of blame; it is a matter of readjustment. No one enjoys housework and it no longer should be a female job to do. Fairness and equality is needed.

Sharing the housework = more sex.

Written by Dr Karen Phillip

Dr Karen Phillip is a counselling psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist specialising in parenting and relationships.
The widely respected author of “Who Runs Your House, the kids or you?’ and ‘OMG We’re Getting Married’ is also in demand as a speaker and regularly appears on TV and radio.

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