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Top Five Scents Known For Better Sleep

Top Five Scents Known For Better Sleep

Kira Sterling from Mulberry Threads provides her recommendation for oils that have been shown to help relaxation and send you off into a peaceful slumber. 

BERGAMOT: Used in Italian folk medicine and thought to have antibacterial, aesthetic and analgesic effects, studies have shown that this citrus fruit may also help with a reduction in heart rate, blood pressure and stress.

JASMINE:  Long been thought to promote a more restful sleep, with recent research suggesting it also helps with reducing anxiety and increasing mental performance.

ROMAN CHAMOMILE: We’ve all heard that a cup of chamomile tea before bed is meant to help you relax, so it makes sense that the essential oil has the same effect. There are different varieties of chamomile, and for helping with sleep it’s thought that roman chamomile with a light, floral scent, is the one to go for.

Lavender is one of the Top Five Scents Known For Better Sleep

LAVENDER: Been known to ease eases anxiety and insomnia.

YLANG YLANG: Ylang Ylang is considered to be a sedative, with a positive effect on inflammation, blood flow and emotions.

Tip: Try putting a few drops of your favourite essential oils into a spray bottle with some water and mist over your pillow before bedtime!\

The Carousel would like to thank Kira Sterling from Mulberry Threads for this story.

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