Sally Obermeder’s 5 Top Tips To Living A Healthy Lifestyle

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Sally Obermeder

Apr 11, 2021

TV Host, blogger and best selling author Sally Obermeder discusses her top tips for living a healthy lifestyle… 

Tip 1 – Make exercise a habit

I try to think of exercise like brushing my teeth, it’s something you just to, every day. You don’t have to punish yourself, just a little something to get the body working – even if it’s taking the kids to the park or walking to the grocery store. I also wear a jawbone so I can keep tabs on how much exercise I am getting into my day. It keeps me honest!

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Tip 2 – Go Green

To keep your health in tip top condition I really believe it’s really important to get your recommended servings of fruit and vegetables each day. A quick way to do this is to blend it! Every morning I make a green smoothie with kale, spinach, broccoli, protein powder, chia seeds, fibre cleanse, a frozen banana and two passionfruits blended with water. It’s delicious, nutritious and so easy.


Tip 3 – Be proactive

You and your body have a long journey together, so why wouldn’t you prioritise it? For many people health is reactive and only a focus area when there is a problem. I think it’s better to be proactive – getting those tests done regularly, eating right and listening to your body, before something becomes an issue. I recently went in-store to have my health check at my local Priceline to see how it all works. It takes only 15 minutes of time and I was able to get my blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked – it was a really smooth and easy experience!

Tip 4 – Sleep

As a working mum, I realise that getting enough sleep isn’t always easy, but I’m really conscious that it’s so important for my general wellbeing. When I’m sleeping around eight hours a night, I feel better, I eat better and I’m in a better mood!

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Tip 5 – Do what you love

Many women don’t realise the impact that stress has on health, in fact the survey has shown us that women are more stressed than men! So it’s vital that we all take a bit of time for ourselves everyday to reflect, de-stress and do something we love – be it exercise, a particular hobby or just some much needed ‘me-time.’ I like to cook, go for walks and blog.



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