How To Meet Your Dream Man And Keep Him

How To Meet Your Dream Man And Keep Him

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How many ladies reading this are single and looking for love? Who is married and feels they are in a relationship rut? Who would like to jazz up their relationship?

If you answered Yes to any of these three questions then you’ve come to the right place.

In her new book Meeting Your Dream Man & Keeping Him, author Robyn Partridge shows you how you can turn your average relationship into a dream one, and how to meet your man and keep him. Plus, she gives you hints on how you can prepare yourself for a loving happy and alive partnership, not just one that survives.

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Maintaining a healthy relationship

Here’s an exclusive extract from the book to get you started:

Before we meet our dream man let’s touch briefly on you and your wants and needs. Always be aware that a relationship contains two people and not just one. You must give more than you receive and have a healthy mind. If you feel that you have been on the cycle of dating the same type of person then you may need to take counsel from an outside source or counsellor to obtain another perspective other than your own. You may surprise yourself with what you hear. The important thing about this is to listen. Our friends and family will have good advice to give as they know us so well. Once you feel good about yourself and your new path you can get started on Meeting Your Dream Man and Keeping Him!

  1. Make ‘The List’ – The most important thing you can do before embarking on a new relationship is to sit down and make a list of all the qualities, personality traits you would like your new partner to have. Think about what you don’t want as well as this will help you with what you do want.
  2. Endless Possibilities – We all have so many options out there but they won’t come and knock at your door. Make sure you always know what events and activities are going on in your community. You can attend these with a girlfriend but never more than one as it can be a deterrent and you don’t want that! Options for meeting new people can come from Relationship sites, networking, sporting clubs, art galleries, concerts, free events, friends and family, charity work, classes etc You make it happen.
  3. Growing Yourself through Kindness- Practice being a kind person and having only positive thoughts. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Work on unflattering traits you may have. How about performing charitable deeds? How often do you think about performing a kind deed such as “ I will cook my husband/partner his favourite dinner tonight as he has been working so hard this week”.
  4. What do Men Truly Want – Social media is telling us that men are confused in this day and age on how they are supposed to act. Open the door or not, pay for half of the bill, be the first to invite for a date. Here are some of the things that men Truly want based on research. You might be surprised! 1. Romance. 2. Truth and Honesty. 3. Sense of humour. 4. Home cooked dinner. 5. Marriage, yes marriage. 6. Keep sex, sexy. 7 No game playing. 8. Silence when needed – the old cave thing.
  5. Giving Taking and Compromise – Always give more than you take. Be open to try new things. If your partner asks you to the motor or boat show and you are not the least bit interested think about this – he could have asked his mate. He wants to spend time with you so you should be honoured and enjoy this time. You never know, you might just enjoy it. Be the first one to compromise or give and you will be surprised how your actions will ignite changes in your relationship.

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  6. Living Together – Apart the two certainties in life – death and taxes – there is a third – housework! Reward for help around the house or chores is a winner. No matter what you think of this method it works.
  7. Sex! Ensure your partners needs are met in the bedroom. Surprise sex, a new babydoll nightie. Not all sex has to be in the evening. One lady I interviewed said told me ‘be sure you can do the same sex positions that you did 30 years ago”. If your man is looking after you well outside of the bedroom then make sure you look after him inside the bedroom. Your partner should be your number one priority in life apart from yourself.
  8. Love Vouchers and Appreciation – Leave little love notes under the windscreen or under the pillow from time to time. Make Love Vouchers which you can give to him on special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. These are great to hide in luggage if your partner is going away without you. Date the envelopes so they are only allowed to open on that date. Maybe you will give him an all over candlelit body massage or organise a picnic and champagne. There are lots of ideas you can think of. Print on coloured paper and place in silver or gold dated envelopes. Lots of fun.
  9. Respect- without this failure is sure to arrive. Never become personal in an argument. Remember your partner may have a different opinion occasionally to you!

Quotes from women happily married for over 30 years

  1. Always put on lipstick before your husband arrives home
  2. To have someone love you, you have to be loveable
  3. Have shared interests – the children will grow up.
  4. Be the best person you can be every day
  5. Always let the guy have the remote control!!!!

I will end with “wear your best accessory each day – your smile.”

The Carousel would like to thank Robyn Partridge and New Holland Publishers Australia for this extract.

Meeting Your Dream Man & Keeping Him by Robyn Partridge is available from all good bookstores RRP $19.99.
Meeting Your Dream Man & Keeping Him

The New book of love and relationship advice by author Robyn Patridge