How To Fall Back In Love With Monday

How To Fall Back In Love With Mondays
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Jun 27, 2016

I have a confession to make. I get excited about Monday, just thinking of the hope and the potential that the week could bring. And before you judge, a quick disclaimer: I am not one of the annoying over-optimistic types who share inspirational quotes on Facebook between cups of cleansing green tea, but I don’t understand when friends share with me how anxious they feel on a Sunday night, and I haven’t said ‘Thank God it’s Friday’ in many years.

Why is this? Well firstly, I run my own business so there is no such thing as ‘turning off’ on Friday at 5pm anymore, but also; I really truly love what I do.

That’s not to say I don’t remember the days when I’d dread my Monday drive to an office where I lacked passion and felt like nothing more than a number. But I made a choice to fall back in love with Mondays because no one wants to live their lives with that kind of….beige-ness.

We can all identify what is important to us in a job. Some of us crave a reliable role, while others prefer a roller-coaster of challenges. I know one woman who loves coming to work on a Monday, despite being in a role that many would describe as dull, simply because it allows her the flexibility to leave by 3pm and pick up her kids from school. Another woman I know absolutely thrives on her role as a teacher in an adult learning environment because she is fulfilling her desire to support other’s in their education.

I am happy because I wake up knowing I am responsible for something I created, and while I may deal with stresses that other workers wouldn’t want a bar of, I thrive off it. These three positions are vastly different in the sphere of an organisational chart, but there is one defining thread – a sense of purpose. It’s such a shame that people spend their lives working a job they absolutely hate because of a misguided sense of obligation when there is always a better way – even if it means doing tertiary study at night, or using a job as a financial base while you start your own small business in your spare time.

Let’s not forget that your ‘dream’ job won’t always be smooth sailing – there will naturally be lulls in any career path splattered with successes and failures. And, whether you love or hate your job you still have to make your way to work every Monday. So how do you fall back in love with Monday?

The first step is to have a schedule. So, if you know that Mondays tend to leave you feeling like rocking in a quiet corner muttering ‘it will all be over soon’,  plan something you enjoy like a boxing class or a dinner date with girlfriends! Re-directing some of the disappointment in a Monday to something that is exciting will adjust the mindset that Mondays are dreadful.

Secondly, get a proper night’s rest on Sunday. Lack of sleep makes even the best of us grumpy and agitated, so having an early night on Sunday will leave you refreshed and ready to tackle the Monday morning blues. (Keep in mind- a sneaky hit of caffeine in the morning never hurt anyone).

Finally, start your new week preparations on Friday. A lot of us tend to relax on Fridays and leave all the more complex and daunting tasks til Monday. This is a big mistake, as instead of freeing you up for a weekend of relaxation and rest, all you’ll be thinking about is that massive report you have to write, or the huge list of client calls you need to make come Monday. This will build up until you reach Sunday evening when you’ll feel overwhelmed and start dreading the day to come. Do these tasks on Friday, so that when Monday comes, you know that you can settle in to the week at an even pace.

It really is unnecessary to become fixated on a day of the week and let it stress you out.  Each day brings its own set of challenges and rewards and while Mondays may be the day you have to drag yourself into the office, it doesn’t have to result in the day being a total write off! Re-set how you view the beginning of each week and you’ll find yourself starting your own love affair with Mondays. Oh, and don’t even get me started on why I hate long weekends – no one ever respond to emails on public holidays….

Written by Alexandra Tselios, Business Consultant and Publisher of The Big Smoke. Alexandra has a diverse background in corporate, public and creative fields and is an expert business consultant.

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