5 Top Tips To Help With An Emotional De-Clutter

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As humans we are very emotional beings, and it is our birth rite to experience this.  Without emotions there would be no connection to others, no feelings, and how boring would that be?

The key in life is that you are emotionally happy.

Dealing with our emotions can be hard work, but very necessary. It is a great way to cleanse our mind, body, and soul. This leaves more room for clearer thoughts, happiness, and broader perspectives.

5 Top Tips to Help with an Emotional De-Clutter

#1 Are you happy with your life path and future views?

If you had a crystal ball and could see your future, what would it look like?  Make it up, write it down, envision it, and make it achievable with the right mindset and map-out.

You may even find that your mind wanders to changing of career, or study, wherever it is, simply write it down.  Empower your thoughts and emotions!

What could you change?  Start with something small, watch and feel your emotions shift.

#2 Pen to paper with a pro/con list.  

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This is great for all areas in life, work, relationships, travel, it’s a great exercise and changes start to happen quickly.

Let’s start with friendships –

We are drawn to the people that we need, at certain times in our lives, and friends do come and go.  Some of them can be hard work emotionally, and others are a breeze.

Ask yourself (with your pro/con list) does this friend – 

Take my time and space seriously?

Leave me feeling tired?

Tell me all their problems and then leave?

Are they there for me when i need them?

With these answers – Is it time to prune your friendship tree, for your emotional betterment?

When we ‘prune’ we aren’t calling people on the phone and saying we no longer want to be friends, its simply saying to yourself, ‘I let this person go emotionally, so that we both can find the peace that we deserve in life’.

#3 Cry

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A good cry is healthy and its releases so much emotion, there is pent up energy, thoughts, words, actions, grief, etc.  Find a safe space and when the need arises, just cry, let it happen.  This is very therapeutic.

#4 Letter Writing

We all have things that have happened in life, things we have not forgotten about sub consciously or are too hard to deal with emotionally.  

Letter writing is an amazing tool, write to –




Put all of your thoughts and emotions into that letter and then find a safe place to dispose of it, perhaps use a shredder, tear it up, however you feel would be best.

Do not send or give these to anyone, and do not keep it either.  Release it.

#5 Be aware of your emotions from this point in time.

Even with these tips, it is still essentially up to us to make our own emotional happiness.  If you start to feel like something does not feel right, change what is happening, walk away, speak up, write something down.

Only you can do this, and It truly is an empowering process.

The Carousel would like to thank Trudy Vains for her article.

About Trudy Vains

Trudy Vains is an Author, Yoga Teacher, and Spine Fusion Warrior. 

Trudy’s book “Fused” provides inspiration and reassurance to those facing spine surgery, as well as many examples of the importance of a positive mindset in overcoming challenges.

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