Cut To The Chase: Adolescent Obesity – Should We Bring Back The School Milk Scheme?

This should shock you. 25% of Aussie adolescents are overweight or obese. A recent report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, states 1 in 4 of our kids are too heavy – this means they face a future of chronic disease and increased risk of cancer if they don’t drop the additional weight before becoming an adult.

With Health Professionals calling on schools and parents to be more pro-active in finding a solution to the youth obesity problem, our Cut To The Chase panel Suzanne Mostyn and Adam Boland say the government has a role to play as well.  One of their observations may have an old-fashioned ring to it, but the School Milk Scheme provided a heathy snack for 20 years before it was abandoned in the 70s – and supported the local dairy industry!  So, in addition to getting kids to be more active, our team think we should be examining what they eat – including what’s on schools’ tuck-shop shelves!

Do you think school tuck shops should be a ‘healthy choice only’ or should we be educating our kids to make better choices themselves? Join this conversation by letting us know your thoughts below…

If you have any issues you’d like us to cover, share your thoughts in the comments below or email us at We want to hear and get to grips with issues that matter to you so speak up Australia!

Written by Adam Boland & Suzanne Mostyn

Hosted by two of Australia’s most dynamic social commentators, Adam Boland and Suzanne Mostyn, our new digital TV series, Cut to the Chase is an irreverent, informative and fun ‘He said, She said’ take on everyday issues that touch us all.

Adam and Suzanne cover a range of topics from ‘conversations all parents should have with their sons’ to ‘discrimination in the supermarket’.
Adam Boland, author of the upcoming book ‘Brekky Central’ said of Cut to the Chase: “Suzanne and I go a long way back so we don’t need much of a reason to have a chinwag, but Robyn gave us one anyway.”
Suzanne Mostyn, an established media voice, said: "I'm all about chewing the fat. I think it's how we make sense of our challenges, the world and our place in it. Adam and I have always had lively and robust discussions about all things mundane and monumental off- camera, so now it's great to have the opportunity to sit down together with audience."


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