7 Simple Tips To Insure Your Relationship Happiness

7 Simple Tips To Insure Your Relationship Happiness

Dr Karen Phillip

Counselling Psychotherapist


We can ensure we are safeguarding our relationship to be loving, strong and happy forever. And we all want that! We insure our car, our house, content, even income, yet we often forget to take the steps to insure our relationship happiness.

The following 7 Tips will help ‘insure’ your future happiness together.

  1. When Me becomes We, everything we do has an affect on our partner

Once married or in a committed relationship, we are no longer alone in our journey. Each and every decision we make is going to affect our partner, and subsequently the relationship. Ensure we consider our partner in the decisions we make.

  1. Communicate with your partner in an open and honest way

Establishing good communication skills is the best way to deal with problems that surface as the relationship progresses. When a challenge does present, we must listen to understand from their perspective, paraphrase back to ensure we have understood, ask for clarification and discuss solutions rather than being stuck in the issue.

  1. Transparency in all finances

Discussing finances pre-wedding is vital. Once married they become ‘our’ finances. Hidden discrepancies can lead to mistrust and acknowledging the hidden debt, and all assets are the first steps to an honest relationship.

Insure Your Relationship Happiness

  1. Understand each other’s expectations

Having unrealistic expectations can leave one partner feeling disappointed.

Understand that your partner may not think the same way you do or express feelings or affection in the same way. Respectfully advise them of your preferred communication responses, so they know. Expecting the other person to mind read usually fails.

  1. Understand the level of intimacy you each require in your relationship

It is important to know the level of intimacy each of you needs for a happy relationship. Those intimate times you share together are some of the most important in your relationship. Sex in the relationship is vital to keep the connection developing, not nightly, but at least once or twice a week to prevent built-up frustrations being suffered. Of course, this can change as life progresses and children arrive.

  1. Know and accept their family

Your partner is a reflection of their family. Any level of animosity with your partner’s family puts added tension into the relationship. If you can diffuse any issues, life is likely to run much smoother. Tolerance is the key.

  1. Ensure both partners are open and transparent in all areas of their life

This comes back to communication. If a couple is open and honest, issues can often be diffused before they cause any damage to the relationship. Working through problems allows the couples to enter into a marriage with a much better understanding of their partner. Open access to all social media and your phone is essential. Secrets are damaging.


You deserve to be happy forever with the person of your dreams, the one you have chosen to share your life and future with. By understanding some basic points can ensure you get this, and surely this is what we all want.

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