Shift Loss to Liberation: Somatic Therapy’s Impact on Embracing Perimenopause

Zoe-Anna Bell

Wellness Expert

Feb 29, 2024

Somatic Therapy delves into the stories held within your body, offering a means to release areas of stagnation and blocked energy without the interference of incessant mental chatter. Coined by professor and theorist Thomas Hanna in 1970, Somatics has evolved into a field of movement studies and bodywork that prioritises internal physical sensations and the experiences of the body.

Perimenopause is a profound journey – a dance of surrendering to the natural release of what we cannot control and the empowerment found in understanding what we can influence. Somatic Therapy emerges as a guiding partner, offering a sanctuary for releasing, surrendering, and rediscovering embodied wisdom. 


The Dance of Change

Perimenopause is like a symphony of emotions and hormones, a rich brew of magic that intensifies within. As your monthly cycle wanes, you may feel like a boiling volcano inside, ready to burst forth beckoning you to explore the profound depths of your identity as a fully embodied woman. The loss of your monthly bleed is not a void but a vessel, a womb/spiritual womb brewing new creative projects ready to be birthed into the world. The body is offering messages which require a deeper level of compassion, intentional listening and softer understanding. 

Mind-Body Connection

The mind and body share an intricate dance – they are inseparable lovers.  When in sync, you feel held, light, supported, and nourished. When out of balance, emotions overwhelm you, leaving you tired, heavy and triggered. The breath, your faithful lover communicating the quality of the mind and body dance. 

Somatic Therapy

The Power of Surrender

Managing stress becomes paramount in fostering emotional resilience during this transformative phase. As we lean in and listen to the body’s intelligence, discomfort beckons a path to relaxation & liberation, as avoidance leads to numbness, pain and hardening of a body that is screaming out to be touched, heard & loved.

The Body whispers 

Pushing high intensity training sessions like you did in your 20’s and 30s elevates cortisol levels which, combined with chronic stress, contributes to weight gain around the waist. Our nervous systems are pleading to rethink our approach, where less becomes more! Somatic Therapy offers an opportunity to explore within and listen to the conversations under the skin, through movement, stretching, talk therapy, sound therapy, breathwork, guided meditation & mindfulness. 

Somatic Therapy

Lessons in Liberation

As your nervous system relaxes and re-balances, suppressed emotions find ways to express with clarity, and mood swings become smoother to navigate. Each wave of emotion becomes a teacher in compassion; every hot flush a reminder to be kind to self.  Each body ache invites loving curiosity, while grey hairs impart deeper understanding.

Somatic Therapy is a key to balance the ‘Lovers’ – the mind and body – as a rite of passage into wise womanhood, rising liberated as the Phoenix beyond the inferno. 

Each breath & step is to be honoured, cherished and ultimately celebrated.

It is time to rise & shine. 

Somatic Therapy


By Zoe-Anna Bell

Wellness Expert

With over 30 years in the health and wellbeing industry, Zoe Anne's expertise spans diverse modalities, from Registered Nursing and Personal Training to Somatic Therapy, Stretch Therapy, and various Yoga practices, including Raja, Hatha, and Kundalini Yoga. She is also a six times international published author and Deep Meditation Facilitator. You can find out more here:



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