Pilates Move of The Week: Lose Those Love Handles With The Corkscrew

Pilates Move Of The Week: Lose Those Love Handles With The Corkscrew
Aaron Smith

Pilates Expert

Jan 25, 2024

The corkscrew is a modification of last weeks shoulder stand to build abdominal strength, in particular focusing on the side obliques. Your balance and body control are also highly tested.

Again, make sure you’re on a mat or soft surface for this exercise to support your back and hips on the down phase.

Starting position:

Lie on your back with your arms long by your side, palms facing the floor and your legs long pointing up to the ceiling.

Exercise Execution:

  1. Activate your core by drawing down through your navel and lifting up through the pelvic floor.
  2. Using your arms for support, lift your hips up towards the ceiling bringing your feet over your face. Lift to where you deem comfortable and hold at the top for 1-2 secs.
  3. Bring your feet slightly off to the right side by about 15-30cm until you start to feel off balanced. Continue the movement and stay in control by slowly rolling down your spine one vertebrae at a time whilst the pressure stays on that right side oblique.
  4. When your right hip is back on the mat, bring the legs long to 45 degrees from the floor straight out in front, allowing both hips to be now stable on the mat. Then slowly lift the legs back up to the starting position. LIFT and REPEAT on left side.

Pilates 1

Pilates 2

Pilates 3


Pilates 4
Follow these step by step pictures for your Pilates work out


Inhale to prepare as legs are long to the ceiling. Exhale as you lift your feet up and over the face. Inhale as you pause at the top for a brief second and then exhale as you slowly roll down. Continue the exhale as the feet lower to the floor. Inhale to return to the legs to the starting position.


Start out with 2 sets of 8-10 repetitions each side and increase from there. This exercise should flow quite naturally.


1. Bend at the elbows and point your hands to the ceiling to have less support throughout the exercise.

KX Tip: 

To add KX intensity to the exercise, place a pilates circle or toning ball in between the ankles to activate your inner thighs throughout the exercise. At the top of the movement pulse the circle/ball 3 times to isolate and contract the inner thighs before continuing. You can do the same at the bottom of the movement as well.

Model: Cherida Forde, KX International Retreats Trainer

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By Aaron Smith

Pilates Expert

Aaron Smith is The Carousel’s resident pilates expert and Founder/Owner of Australia’s first high performance pilates group, KX Pilates. In 2009 he returned from living abroad with a vision to bring a new way of fitness training to Australia. “I loved the style and concept behind dynamic pilates, but I could see some areas for improvement, where I could add my own touch. I returned to Australia in 2009 and opened my first studio, in Melbourne, in 2010″, Smith said. Smith is now an award winning entrepreneur and franchisor, with 17 KX studios across Melbourne and Sydney, re-branding as the ‘KX Group’ and expanding the service offer to include; high performance pilates, assisted yoga, barre and international fitness retreats. Smith holds a Bachelor of Science (double major in exercise physiology/pharmacology), trained in advanced STOTT reformer pilates and is a KX Pilates Master Trainer.



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