Hayley Hasselhoff : On Growing Up In Hollywood As Hoff’s Daughter

Jo Lamble


May 04, 2021

She was born in to an entertainment family in the world’s most image-conscious city.  Here Hayley Hasselhoff talks to Jo Lamble about her dad, David Hasselhoff and being a teenager in Hollywood.

Being a plus-size model and actress has many benefits according to Hayley Hasselhoff, not least of which is using her voice to speak out on behalf of curvaceous gals everywhere.  In the final part of her interview with Psychologist Jo Lamble she tells us why she doesn't expect everyone to take her style advice.
Hayley Hasselhoff

“I look at him as just Poppa,” says Hayley. “I think the cool thing about him is that he showed me to follow my dreams at a very young age.

“Yeah, there are difficult things growing up in the spotlight but I would say to you always look at the positive in that situation – in any situation really.”

Watch the interview to hear what else Hayley had to say.


By Jo Lamble


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