Cut To The Chase: Topics Parents Should Discuss With Their Sons

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Adam Boland & Suzanne Mostyn


Oct 29, 2016

It’s the question every parent of a boy asks themselves: “How can I help my son to become a man in this modern world?”. It begins with conversations on topics as wide ranging as whether it’s ‘manly’ to cry, to how to accept responsibility, and yes, the ‘sex talk’.

Influential educator and author, Dr Tim Hawks is the Headmaster of The King’s School in Sydney, he published his book entitled ‘10 Conversations You Must Have With Your Son‘. This prompted our Social Commentators Adam Boland and Suzanne Mostyn to explore some of the thousands of important topics that would top their list of ‘must-have’ chats with boys – and girls.

Suzanne is the mother of two boys and is determined they don’t become ashamed of having been born male due to the negative role-models frequently shown in the media, she says “it’s really important to put a bomb under all of that”. Her ‘weapon of choice’ in this conversation is: “You can never tell a son – or daughter – enough that they are loved”. This, for Suzanne, is the most important conversation which she believes leads to children feeling secure – the perfect basis for every other conversation to follow.

While Adam doesn’t have children yet, he recalls his open and honest relationship with his mother and her ‘no boundaries’ philosophy to their conversations when he was growing up. “People often talk about ‘where you need to be a parent, and where you need to be a friend’ but I still think you can merge the two. So, rather than an ‘us versus them’ mentality, this results in the child trusting what you are telling them.

But it’s not all a one-way process, boys need to be heard, but it’s important to listen as well. Join Adam and Suzanne as they chat about these important conversations and how to start them with your children.

Adam and Suzanne caught up for their conversation at QT Hotel in Canberra.

What important conversations do you have with your children? Do you have any tips or experiences to share? Tell us below.

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By Adam Boland & Suzanne Mostyn


Hosted by two of Australia’s most dynamic social commentators, Adam Boland and Suzanne Mostyn, our new digital TV series, Cut to the Chase is an irreverent, informative and fun ‘He said, She said’ take on everyday issues that touch us all. Adam and Suzanne cover a range of topics from ‘conversations all parents should have with their sons’ to ‘discrimination in the supermarket’. Adam Boland, author of the upcoming book ‘Brekky Central’ said of Cut to the Chase: “Suzanne and I go a long way back so we don’t need much of a reason to have a chinwag, but Robyn gave us one anyway.” Suzanne Mostyn, an established media voice, said: "I'm all about chewing the fat. I think it's how we make sense of our challenges, the world and our place in it. Adam and I have always had lively and robust discussions about all things mundane and monumental off- camera, so now it's great to have the opportunity to sit down together with audience."



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