5 Of The Best Chocolate Treats

Chocolate Treats
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Jul 07, 2016

There’s nothing that gets our attention quicker in the office than someone ripping open a block of chocolate. So, here’s our list of our favourite Chocolate Treats, and best of all, they’re really good for you.


Made from 60% cacao, this slightly bitter treat is made entirely from raw and organic ingredients. It’s also flavoured with a touch of peppermint oil, which is known to boost energy levels and improve mental clarity. We think this should be in everyone’s office stash.

Try Pana Chocolate in Mint, $6.90


Loaded with organic raw cashews, sour cherries, dates, raw cacao, a touch of rose essential oil, and of course, coconut nectar, you’d think you were eating a tub of Ben & Jerry’s instead.

Try Loving Earth Luvju Choc Chip Turkish Delight, $3.50


This dark block filled with teensy crunchy toffee bits may seem like the naughtiest one on the list but we assure you, you won’t regret your choice. It’s also made using organic and fairtrade cocoa mass, which contributes to sustainable farming. Go on, pat yourself on the back.

Try Organic Alter Eco Dark Coconut Toffee Chocolate, $4.45


These teensy balls won best snack in the office, hands down. They’re loaded with protein to squash 3pm cravings, and are wheat and gluten free for those who are in intolerant.

Try Bounce Almond Protein Hit, $36 for box of 12


If you’re looking something that’s more paired back, Seed and Bean has a great 70% dark chocolate variety with a touch of smoked sea salt for a well-rounded flavour.

Try Seed and Bean Organic Cornish Sea Salt Extra Dark Chocolate Bar, $8.80

How do you get through 3pm cravings?

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