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How To Keep Your Cat Happy, Active And Stimulated

There are various reasons why your cat might be restricted to indoors – a medical condition, environmental considerations, or simply for their own safety. But that doesn’t mean they need to miss out on family fun. 

In this short video, Vet Rachele Lowe gives some low-cost and high-tech ways of keeping your feline friend occupied in the hours while you’re away and advice on how the whole family can get in on the fun around the house.

And you might be really surprised at the one home-made toy Rachele’s cats go nuts for!

Tell us how you keep you family cat amused at home. We’d love to hear from you.

Cute cat enjoying himself outdoors

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Written by Rachele Lowe

Whether it’s pampered pooches or fussy felines our relationships with our domestic creatures is unrivalled. Here to shed light on how to care for our much-loved family animals is experienced Vet Dr. Rachele Lowe. With extensive training in Surgery and interests in Animal Behaviour, Rachele will be on hand to help pet-lovers exclusively for The Carousel.
Contact: [email protected]

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