How To Get Your Butt Into Shape

Amy Molloy

Lifestyle Writer

Jun 16, 2018

Amy Molloy learns she has a lazy bum – and how to fix it.

“It’s official, I am a fitness diva. The sure sign? I have a dedicated butt trainer”
According to head coach Ken LaVanda from the Athletic Club in Sydney ( many people – women in particular – make their workout so much harder, by not activating their gluteal muscles (i.e their bum). Not only will learning to do so give you a perkier backside but more importantly prevent backache and thigh burn. Here Health Expert Amy Molloy shares the tricks she’s learnt from her ‘butt trainer.’

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By Amy Molloy

Lifestyle Writer

Amy Molloy, formerly editor of Grazia Australia, is a columnist and author, with a particular interest in health and wellbeing. Amy writes for, and has contributed for a host of Australian publications including the Sydney Morning Herald and Harper’s BAZAAR. She also regularly writes for UK publications including The Sunday Times, the Daily Mail, the Guardian, Grazia magazine, Cosmopolitan and Women's Fitness. She previously published a memoir called Wife Interrupted in 2007.



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