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How to Party Proof Your Pet

Sudden, loud noises are among the most common causes of fear and anxiety in pets. When animals are under this kind of stress, it promotes a “fight or flight” response, which naturally leads to all sorts of discomfort and problems for everyone. This kind of situation can lead to very serious consequences.

So if your pet is troubled by the sound of the vacuum cleaner, wild weather or noisy neighbours remember there are steps you can take to help your four-legged-friend to become noise-proof.

Written by Rachele Lowe

Whether it’s pampered pooches or fussy felines our relationships with our domestic creatures is unrivalled. Here to shed light on how to care for our much-loved family animals is experienced Vet Dr. Rachele Lowe. With extensive training in Surgery and interests in Animal Behaviour, Rachele will be on hand to help pet-lovers exclusively for The Carousel.
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