Games Changers: Sarah Harris Interviews Eco-Mum Kendall Seddon


Sarah Harris

Feb 04, 2017

Six years ago Kendall Seddon and her beloved mum Laurie created their family business to give children and our planet a better chance for a brighter future.

Taking on the big boys one nappy at a time from their home warehouse in Terranora, NSW, Kendall and Laurie have today created a range of biodegradable bamboo baby products that turn over a million dollars each year.

“I really love what I do,” Luvme founder and CEO Kendall tells host Sarah Harris in the second of our Game Changers video and podcast series.

“I’ve managed to create a lifestyle where I just enjoy every day and I can spend time with my family and do the hours that I choose.

“If I put my baby down to sleep in the afternoon I’ll do all my emails, or stay up late working. It’s just about finding those moments of time where you can do business and still find time to be a mum.”

Kendall says she’s created a “rain forest paradise” at her Terranora base, where she often works in her pyjamas.

But the mum-of-three says there are days when she still finds it stressful.

“I’m sure I’m not the only mum in the world who feels like that, whether you have a million dollar business or not.

“For mum and I it was very hard work for four or five years, but we now have a very good team of people around us that can now take some of that workload, so right now we are able to have a bit more time for us and our families.

Kendall, however, says she still pinches herself in disbelief at how fast the market has embraced her eco-friendly products, which take just two years to breakdown, rather than the 500 that standard nappies require.

“It’s just so exciting that our business is growing on that massive level.”

Kendall says she gets her never-give-up attitude from her brave mum, who has just finished her final chemo treatment for stomach cancer.

“I’ve learned everything I know from her – failure doesn’t exist in either of our minds.

“If there is a problem you just work out a solution.”

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