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Early-Bird Event Alert: Industry Leaders Collaborate To Inspire The 40-Plus!

event for 40 plus

Scarlett Zola Vespa, aka ‘Mrs V’, says it’s time that women over 40 stopped being invisible at work and in the media.

The Sydney-based brand expert/women’s advocate/influencer/motivational speaker believes this important time for women – and men for that matter – marks a turning point, whereby there is a new feeling of self-acceptance and wisdom from a life lived full of joys and challenges.

To inspire others in this age group who are feeling equally disenfranchised, Scarlett is hosting The V Shift, an Australian first collaboration of amazing women and men panellists, video presentations and tailored workshops to transform your life.

Tickets are on sale now for the August 2 event in Sydney, with an early-bird special of $245 (RRP $425), which includes a goodie bag worth over $500.

“I’m very excited to share this initiative,” says Scarlett, also the founder of The Style of Mrs V, a blog that aims to help women over 40 live a life they love.

“Five of us passionate women over 40 got together and said we want to inspire, educate and bring women together to feel great about themselves at any age, especially being over 40.”

V Shift Collaborators (left to right): Jody Allen, Scarlett Zola Vespa, Lisa Sweeney, Robyn Foyster and Anna Humberstone.

Scarlett’s key collaborators in the day-long event are the founders of Business In Heels Lisa Sweeney, Stay at Home Mum Jody Allen, the Hummingsong Choirs Anna Humberstone, and The Carousel publisher Robyn Foyster.

“We all have a voice, but women over 40 have so much more,” says Robyn, who also helms Women Love Tech.

“We have wisdom and life experience so let’s be loud and proud, and let’s be great role models for the future generation of women coming through.

“It’s good to open up the conversation for women forty plus. Unfortunately, at this stage in life many women start to feel invisible rather than concentrate on their strengths and ability to draw on their wisdom.

“Supporting women to feel more empowered is at the core of what The Carousel does and this fits in with our live, learn, love motto.”

Scarlett believes that if you are looking for a life-changing shift, whether it’s in business, your relationship or just some inspiration to take your life to the next level, this day is for you.

“We’ll be talking about real issues that impact us all and how to move through what obstacles they bring forward,” she says.

“In the afternoon, they’ll be a workshop on ‘How to Market Yourself and Your Service’ with guest presenters on how they have been so successful.”

For more information on the panellists, program and ticket details, click here.

Written by TheCarousel

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