Game Changers: Dr Karen Phillip On The Power Of The Sub-Conscious Mind

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Apr 05, 2017

Leading Australian Psychotherapist and author Dr Karen Phillip is living proof of the amazing healing powers of the sub-conscious mind.

In the latest instalment of our hit Game Changers video and podcast series, Dr Phillip opens up to host Sarah Harris about how hypnotherapy helped her make a miraculous recovery from a medical emergency.

“A few years ago I had to go in for an emergency hysterectomy and I wasn’t really prepared for that – I had just a week’s notice,” admits Dr Phillip.

“My husband also does some hypnotherapy and he used it on me a couple of times prior to the surgery, saying that I would recovery very quickly, the pain level would be very low.”

“Instead of the four to five days hospital I was there for two, I had no pain medication and I was fully recovered and back at work within three weeks.”

Dr Phillip, who has also recently launched a virtual hypnotherapy service to help with everything from weight-loss to quitting smoking, says we all have an amazing innate ability to manage ourselves. Using the Virtual platform enables people everywhere to use the beneficial therapeutic sessions to heal, recover and become empowered again.

“But we’ve been led to believe, thank-you to pharmaceutical companies, that we need a pill to fix us, and that means if we need to be fixed there’s something wrong with us,” adds Dr Phillip.

“But in fact, there’s nothing wrong with us. We may simply have an experience, or a stage of life where we are feeling overwhelmed and we need some support to help us.”

The best-selling author of OMG! We’re Getting Married – 7 Essential Things You Need To Know Before You Say, ‘I Do’, and Who Runs Your House, the Kids or You? also debunks a lot of the myths around hypnotherapy.

“A lot of people see hypnotherapy as a form of hypnosis they see on stage – it’s all fun and interesting, and people do weird things – but hypnotherapy is a relaxed state of consciousness where you are guided to access your own intrinsic abilities to heal and achieve the outcome you want,” she explains to Sarah.

“People are in full control of themselves in a hypnotherapy session. They hear everything, they’re not out, they’re not under.”

The international expert in parenting and relationship counselling says her clients are simply guided into a “relaxed state”, which we can all reach.

She’s then able to bypass the “conscious critical thinking” and access the sub-conscious part of the mind, which drives our habits and behaviours.

“We guide people to  adjust their behaviours and habits by allowing them to use the power, strength and ability they already have within their own mind. Our thoughts and behaviours often create these issues, hence they can correct them as well.

“People can do what they wish to do, with structured therapeutic guidance, and the Virtual Hypnotherapy sessions provide this instantly.”

You can buy this book online here.

For more information about Dr Karen Phillip, visit her website.

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