Vegans Can Have Fun Too! The Perfect Vegan Travel List

Emeric Brard

Lifestyle Writer

Feb 14, 2024

In the 2000s, people would look at you like you’re crazy if you told them you were vegan – actually, that still happens. But more and more are people becoming accustomed to vegan diets and lifestyles. It’s hard to estimate, but according to the research company, Roy Morgan, almost 2.5 million Australians have fully plant-based diets.

So here’s a list of unique vegan experiences for you to try.

Vegan Wine Tour in Sonoma County, California, USA

Vegan Wine Tour
Image credit: Eater SF

You might be thinking wait…it’s possible to have non-vegan wine? I know, it’s a first for me too, but evidently some wines use animal by-products the production stage. But in the heart of the Californian wine country you can enjoy lunch, and chocolate and wine tasting.

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Fork and Walk Tour in Berlin

vegan, Berlin

Learn about the history of communist Berlin while indulging yourself in fully vegan restaurants, street food and find dining with everything from fusion dumplings to vegan currywurst (seen above).

Farm Sanctuary in New York

vegan, farm sanctuary

Don’t worry, you aren’t eating the cows! These are actually rescued cows – along with plenty of other rescued farm animals. Learn the realities of what farm animals face in the modern factory-farming industry while staying in one of the cosy cabins or luxurious tiny houses.

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Raw Food Menu aboard a SeaDream Yacht

seafood, sea dream

Watercress Tang, a liquid mélange of watercress, Anjou pear, lime and pineapple; Asian Cashew Curry Salad; Blood Apple Blaster, a blend of apple, ginger, red beet, lime juice and agave; and Vegetable Lasagne, a medley of pasta-like noodles made from spinach leaves and coconut meat, layered between a spicy cauliflower mash topped with a sun-dried tomato marinara. I could continue, but it’s much better if you discover it for yourself…I wouldn’t to ruin it for you.

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Stay in the Stanford Inn by the Sea in Northern California

vegan, travel

Enjoy a 100% vegan restaurant with a view over the Pacific Ocean, stroll through the organic gardens, participate in the yoga retreats, go on nature tours, take cooking classes or pay a visit to the wellness centre. The choice is yours – and whatever that choice is, you’re sure to feel relaxed after it.

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Eat Drink Vegan, LA

eat drink vegan

At this festival, you have a variety of highly curated restaurants and food vendors, 250+ vegan beverages and a plant-based market all at your disposal. No wonder it’s knows as the “Vegan Coachella”!

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Desert VegFest, Greater Palm Springs


Vegans mark your calendars for December 7th because Desert VegFest is your #VegChella! An all vegan festival featuring delicious food pop-ups & food trucks, vendors for holiday shopping, films, informative speakers, music and more!

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Belly Good Café, Port Macquarie

Belly Good Cafe, vegan

How does a taco bowl or a coconut wrap or a curry sound? You can grab one after a surf and then head into the installed sauna after you’re done. That sounds like a Belly good time to me.

Vegan Nirvana World Peach Cuisine, Huntington Beach

vegan cuisine

Step inside this unique space/alien themed vegan café home to chick-free tenders, bacon-free BLTs and chicken-free burritos. It’s a must-try!


By Emeric Brard

Lifestyle Writer

Emeric Brard is a writer for The Carousel and Women LoveTech.



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