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Travel 101: Get Free Flights For The Family With These 10 Hacks!

Travel 101: Get A Free Island Flight For The Family With These 10 Hacks!

If you’re planning to take your family on vacation to Fiji, Bali, or Thailand by next February or March, then you should try earning free flights to those destinations. You can try your luck at winning them, especially if you belong to an airline rewards program. And if you know how to use your present household spending to increase your point earnings, it’s a guaranteed win!

There are a lot of opportunities for Australian frequent flyers to win points daily, and convert them into incredible travel experiences each year.

Just take Point Hacks for example. It’s an independent platform that unites one of Australia’s biggest communities of airline rewards enthusiasts. The team is made up of the country’s frequent flyer experts who already have travelled the world using points. And they’ve done all the research needed to win!

With their research, they’ve wound up these 10 hacks to earn your family of four a free return flight to Fiji, Bali, or Thailand by next February-March.

Hack #1. Get your whole family involved through points pooling and supplementary cards.

Think about supplementary rewards credit cards for your partner, and for the whole clan, consider family pooling–where they can transfer their points to you.

Hack #2. Consider switching to a rewards credit card with a 75,000 bonus points offer.

You will love this hack because this will get you almost halfway in earning points! E.g. the NAB Qantas Rewards Signature Card and the St. George Amplify Signature Visa card for Qantas.

Hack #3. Search for higher-earning credit cards.

There are cards that offer high-earning points, like AMEX. And remember that a good earning is 1 point for every $1 spent.

Hack #4. Consider a daily transaction account which earns points.

Select a transaction account to have your pay deposited into, and for daily debit transactions. If you have $5000 deposited into your account each month, and use your card every day, you could earn around 4500 points in six months!

Hack #5. Join a shopping rewards program.

There are rewards programs such as flybuys that can earn you further points for doing something that you love – shopping! You can swipe your flybuys card at retailers such as Coles, Target, eBay, Kmart and Liquorland.

Hack #6. Think about shifting to an airline rewards super fund or insurance policy.

Take the time to research different airline rewards policies and funds that can guarantee you more points. There are lots of them available, just be alert. You can earn points for using the rewards program app to measure your daily activities like walking, cycling or swimming!

Hack #7. Love takeaways? Earn points!

When you use Deliveroo for the very first time, you can earn 1000 Qantas points. Then top up your balance with 200 Qantas Points when you order at least four times in a month. If you get takeaway once a week, in six months you’ll earn 2200 points.

Hack #8. Receive points by consuming household energy.

Try switching your household energy plan to Energy Australia through the Velocity program to earn up to 10,000 points and 2,000 anniversary points each year.

Hack #9. Shop through partner retailers.

Qantas partners with Woolworths, BIG W, BWS, and chosen Caltex Woolworths service stations to get you points when you shop there, whereas Velocity’s multiple partners include BP petrol stations.

Hack #10. Click through Velocity eStore and Qantas Mall to your favourite online shopping sites.

Both Velocity eStore and Qantas Mall offer high-earning points for every dollar you spend on eBay, Country Road, Menulog, David Jones, and a lot more. Just log in with your rewards membership, select the retailer, get directed to their site, and earn points while you shop!

Written by TheCarousel

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