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Top 8 Tips To Refund Your Cancelled And Delayed Trips

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Missing a trip because of delays and cancellations is bad enough, without having to worry about getting a refund on the money you’ve already spent. Making a claim to get reimbursements on your pre-paid travel arrangements that you weren’t able to recover or fulfill due to the trip interruption (could be because of family emergencies, adverse weather, and or even jury duty!) can include pre-paid accommodation, activities, tours, meals, flights, and other modes of transport. Oh, the hassle! You’d be forgiven for giving up.

InsureandGo, one of the world’s leading online travel insurers that covers an average of 1.3 million Australian travellers annually, wants to ensure that each traveller gets reimbursed for the amount they paid. That’s why they have shared with us 8 tips to guarantee your refund.

Tip #1. Get insured before you travel.

Remember that travel insurance is only valid when you buy it before your travel. It’s better to purchase your insurance at the time of your booking to guarantee the claim for any cancellations weeks or months ahead.

Tip #2. Make sure you’re covered for all destinations, transportation, and activities.

There are some insurance policies that might not cover cruise travels, winter sports, or any holidays considered ‘above the snow line.’ So before you choose, make sure you do your research and check if the policy covers all your destinations, types of transportation, and activities you’ll undertake.

Tip #3. Be honest with all pre-existing medical conditions when travelling overseas.

Disclosing all medical conditions that have been diagnosed or treated in the last five years to your insurer, is a must for any traveller. In case one of the conditions you disclosed has been the cause of your trip cancellation or delay, it will be covered.

Tip #4. Reduce your excess.

A lot of out-of-pocket costs like pre-paid tours and accommodation are usually below $500. Therefore, cutting your excess to $100 or none can allow you to claim for these costs.

Tip #5. Report an incident within 24 hours.

Ensure that you notify your insurer as soon as you decide to claim your policy. Prepare all necessary documents needed and other requirements to file for a successful claim.

Tip #6. Keep all receipts and travel contacts intact.

Organize all your receipts and other paperwork for any booked accommodation, tours, and activities, as well as additional costs incurred due to the travel interruption.

Tip #7. Register your insurance claim within 30 days.

You will need to register your claim, along with all needed documents, within 30 days after the completion of your travels (in case it wasn’t cancelled). In case you’re going to be delayed in your filing, notify your insurer.

Tip #8. Be aware of what you’re allowed to claim.

Before travelling, know all the factors that can invalidate your insurance policy. Factors include intoxications, undertaking an illegal activity, or entering a restricted or dangerous area. Your insurer will provide you a full outline of the don’ts.

Go on then – enjoy planning your next trip, and we hope you never actually have to use these tips!

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