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Practical Tips To Make The Most Of Your Annual Leave

Here are some practical tips to plan you annual leave as well as a trip planner and calendar breakdown.


This famous event has always been on your bucket list ? No need large vacations to achieve that dream ! Do it in just 5 days on the Oktoberfest Hotel itinerary. Starting and ending in Munich, Germany’s Oktoberfest offers you 14 main tents of partying, the largest holding up to 11,000 people. Prost, pork, playgrounds of amusement rides – this is a festival like no other. Crash out each night in the comfort of a hotel and use your recovery time wisely by choosing from one of the additional activities on offer to take advantage of while in Munich.

Tips to Make the Most of your Annual Leave

If you are more keen on sports and like having a full active day, you can find your paradise for 7 days of high octane fun in the snow on the Ultimate NZ Ski. Queenstown is the perfect playground whether you’re a pro or a beginner on the slopes and a stunning background for your après-ski. Going to NZ, give you the insurance to live a week full of sensations.

Tips to Make the Most of your Annual Leave


Another great destination for a brief gateway is Thailand. Dont’t lock yourself with assumptions you may have developed about Thailand because of The Hangover scenes. Take the slow route on the 7 day Northern Thai Highlights and see another side of Thailand. Explore the temples in Chang Mai, stay overnight in a jungle hotel and learn how to whip up an authentic Pad Thai faster than you can get one delivered.

Tips to Make the Most of your Annual Leave


Finally, visit the diverse waters of Galapagos, this island is home to a bevy of creatures, some found nowhere else in the world. This mysterious archipelago of volcanic islands is part of Ecuador and a must do for any David Attenborough and wildlife fan. Picture seal pups jumping over you while you cruise by in your zodiac, iguanas, sea lions, giant tortoises wander past you.  Discover the secret of the island on the 6-day Galapagos Island Hopper.

Tips to Make the Most of your Annual Leave

Leave your preconceived ideas behind you: NO those destinations are not too far and YES 4 weeks in a year is enough to complete each of them. How to ? Use the Contiki 2019 Trip Planner to help you find the perfect way to combine your annual leave to ensure you make the most of them this year. Turn your 20 days of annual leave into 45 days of holidays with the hacks below !

Calendar breakdown:

–          The blue circles (TAKE LEAVE) are the days to put in for annual leave

–          Combined Easter and Anzac break: 13 April – 28 April = 16 days off using 7 days of leave

–          Queen’s Birthday: 8 June – 16 June = 9 days off using 4 days of annual leave

–          Labour Day break: 5 October to 13 October = 9 days off using 4 days of annual leave

–          Christmas break: 21 December – 31 December = 11 days off using 5 days of leave (you’ll also get January 1st off, further maximising your leave!)

Tips to Make the Most of your Annual Leave

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