Meet the Adnamatna People Of South Australia

Wild Bush Luxury Launches New Adnamatna Guided Tours And Helicopter Experiences
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Mar 13, 2021

Arkaba Through Adnamatna People’s Eyes

There is no better way to explore a new place than by seeing it through the eyes of the locals. Wild Bush Luxury now hosts a new guided and historical experience to learn one of the world’s oldest living cultures. Get to meet the Adnamatna people of South Australia and roam around an ancient landscape where the first signs of life on earth were discovered.

Arkaba Through Adnamatna Eyes guide, Pauline McKenzie, is considered to be the source of all ancient Adnamatna lifestyle and culture. She was born in Hawker and spent most of her childhood in the country north of Arkaba. She already made a deep connection with the land even before any European explorers appeared.

Pauline is one of the fewest people who fluently speak the Adnamatna language. She is fond of telling cultural stories and teaching the language–Yura Muda.

The founder and owner of Wild Bush Luxury, Charles Carlow tells,

“A walk with Pauline provides guests an opportunity to connect with the stories of Adnamatna people and a unique chance to see this part of Australia through their eyes as well as through their soul. Pauline is an incredible source of information and history. She uncovers a side of Australia that our guests would not have otherwise seen. A side that is thousands of years old and has thousands of stories to tell.”

Arkaba Conservancy property in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges
Arkaba Conservancy property in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges

Arkaba New Helicopter Series

Wild Bush Luxury has unveiled the latest helicopter series at its Arkaba property, encouraging guests to see the beauty and form of South Australia’s Flinders Ranges from an exciting vantage point in style.

Charlie Carlow says,

“Exploring Australia’s landscape by helicopter offers guests the chance to discover the spectacular geological strata of the Flinders Ranges from above. Our helicopter series create memorable experiences for guests as they get the chance to uncover areas that would otherwise be completely inaccessible and each experience provides the ultimate exclusivity we always seek out for our guests.”

“With 60,000 private acres waiting to be explored at Arkaba, the new helicopter series offers guests the chance to discover some of Australia’s most spectacular outback history and scenery from above.”

Heli-Sundowner Experience

This 15-minute-helicopter experience will tour you around the Ikara-Flinders Rangers, along with the views of Wilpena Pound, and the Chace to the Elder Range. Guests will land at a remote ridge top that is only accessible by helicopter, and toast to the last light of the day with a glass of bubble and a picnic canape platter. Once you get down, a three-course dinner awaits!

Heli-Swag Experience

Are you in for a 30-minute flight over Arkaba’s 60,000 acre-private wildlife conservancy? If yes, then the Heli-Swag Experience is the best choice for you! Soar over the natural beauty of Australia and appreciate the fantastic natural amphitheater of Wilpena Pound, Mount Aleck, and the Elder Range. The helicopter will land at the exclusive swag camp, where a luscious full bush dinner awaits guests. They will spend the night under the Milky Way and be awaken by a breathtaking sunrise before returning to the homestead.

Heli-Hike Experience

Devour in a chef-prepared breakfast at the homestead, and take off in style for a 30-minute helicopter ride up into the Elder Range. Aside from an aerial tour, guests can also take on a hiking adventure through the mauve and fiery orange range before going to the summit of Mount Aleck–the highest peak in the Elder Range. After all these activities, you can sit back and relax while eating a packed lunch with an amazing view of Lake Torrens. At the end of the day, return to the homestead through a quick drive and enjoy a glass of Australian wine and canapes before supper.

So if you like what you’ve read, make your reservations now!

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