Love Is In The Air: Visit Mudgee Region’s Virtual Love Hub

Emeric Brard

Lifestyle Writer

Jun 11, 2021

You know what they say about love…distance makes the heart grow fonder. So distance is no reason to “break up”, in fact Visit Mudgee Region is seeing it as an opportunity for people to get the most out of Mudgee through video tours, virtual tastings, take-away dining, online sales, deliveries and more.

With Mudgee set to start re-welcoming people Covid-permitting, now is the perfect time to get in the mood for Mudgee. Here are some virtual activities you can take part in:

Wine to your door


If you’re a wine-lover and want a taste of some the region’s best selections, go to Walter Wines. There you can choose the wines you want and have them delivered right to your door. If you purchase in multiples of six, then you get 20% of the whole order!

Check out the wine from Gooree Stud, too!

Raise Your Glass To The On-track Action At Gooree Park
You can watch our videos from our trip to Gooree, where publisher Robyn Foyster grew up. Check it out here.

Taste of the region

Just because you can’t dine in and enjoy a nice local meal doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy what Mudgee has to offer at all. The region is still providing take-away services for their meals. Here are three places to check out:

You can also indulge in some of Mudgee’s finer things at Bonnie View Produce. There you can order and pickup delicacies like chutney, relish, pickles and assortments of jams that are grown on-farm or locally sourced.

Explore Mudgee’s beauty

Even from afar, anyone can enjoy the beautiful scenery that Mudgee has to offer.

Look at the stars!

Bask in the natural surroundings in 360!

Or get a sneak peek of the whole thing

Check out the Visit Mudgee Region website for more information and other virtual activities!


By Emeric Brard

Lifestyle Writer

Emeric Brard is a writer for The Carousel and Women LoveTech.


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