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Honeymoon Like A Tahitian


There’s no denying that The Islands of Tahiti are the idyllic location for a honeymoon with your one true love. Naturally, with an abundance of activities and stunning views the main islands of Tahiti, Bora Bora and Moorea are popular choices for newlyweds seeking ultimate luxury, privacy, and relaxation – but with 118 islands to choose from, there’s something special about each and every one.

Recommendations from friends, family and travel agents is a fantastic way to plan your time away, but to explore a destination to its full potential, recommendations from locals will lead you off the beaten track and on a path to discover the true culture and hidden gems. Local lady, Elodie Boursaus, from Taapuna Puanaauia on the west coast of Tahiti has given insight into the local hot spots for couples to fall even more in love.

Exploring the islands, you will come across magnificent scenery, local culture and tropical wildlife, but go deeper into the heart of the main island of Tahiti and you will find Fenua Aihere. Translated as ‘wild land’ or ‘bushland’, there is no road access so put on your comfiest shoes and trek through the volcanic trails.

Elodie says: “It’s wild and refreshing and paints a picture of Tahiti in it original form.”

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She also recommends honeymooners join locals in their deep love for the ocean. With the clearest of waters and amazingly unique marine wildlife, surf, dive, swim with rays and sharks and explore under the surface of one of the world’s most beautiful oceans. Elodie also recommends taking a trip to Le Coco Beach on Moorea, saying “Spending an afternoon, feet in the sand, with stunning views of the mountain is a popular local choice on a sunny Sunday.”

It’s not only the natural scenery that offers unique experiences. Take a morning stroll to get fresh French baguettes, fruit, and green coconut water from the Papeete markets. You can also rummage through the locally hand-made clothing and come away looking effortlessly island chic in a pareu (sarong). For the evening you can dress up your look with Tahitian pearls, found in local stores.

Staying on Tahiti, indulge in Tahitian cuisine at the Blue Banana restaurant where the jetty floats over the Taapuna lagoon. With a stunning location, there’s a relaxed atmosphere and incredibly fresh food – the trilogy of tuna fish is a must-try!


Elodie also recommends dining under the stars. The beautiful date idea includes a ukulele playing and sound of the ocean caressing the shore with French champagne and the smell of the local Tiare flowers.

After your meal, you could try Jungle Coffee Bar and The Poke House. Or the perfect locations for sunset drinks are Pink Coconut and L’Instant Present at the Marina Taina, where you can unwind from your day of exploring or relaxing with local music.

Helped by the magic of Mana–the life force and spirit that surrounds The Islands of Tahiti–newlyweds fall even more madly in love in Tahiti, and they also fall in love with The Islands of Tahiti – a honeymoon many of us dream of.

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