Eco-friendly House Sits You Can Stay In Nearly For Free

Eco-friendly House Sits You Can Stay In Nearly For Free


Earth Day is approaching on 22 April and World Environmental Day is coming up on 5 June so it’s time to focus on our planet.

Pet and house sitting network has a list of family and eco-friendly house sits available in Australia and around the globe, all available for a yearly membership of only $129. The service connects people looking for accommodation on their travels with homeowners who need a caring, verified pet sitters who offer their services for free in return for accommodation.

From a zero-carbon round house in the UK, home to a cat and two dogs, to an off-the-grid olive and almond farm with alpacas in Spain, there is a property to suit all your environmental needs. Please see below examples of the most mind-blowing eco-friendly house sits in Australia and around the globe.

Eco-friendly house sits:

Zero-carbon house, straw bale walls and a grass roof in the United Kingdom

Pets: Two dogs and one cat


Eco-friendly round house in Australia

Pets: One dog, two cats, two horses, chickens and sheep.

Remote off-grid farm in the mountains of central Portugal

Pets: One dog and one cat


Eco natural farm and farmhouse in Greece

Pets: Two dogs and two cats


Off-grid olive farm in Spain

Pets: Two dogs, one cat, one alpaca and chickens


Wooden eco-house in Ireland

Pets: Two dogs, two gerbils and six hens


Solar home on 14 acres in the Rocky Mountains in the United States

Pets: One dog