10 Best Experiences In The Americas

Yvette Le Grew

Lifestyle Writer

Jan 12, 2021

Whether you’re travelling to North, Central or South America, the volume and variety of experiences to be uncovered can be so overwhelming you almost don’t know where to start! We took a look beyond the obvious with travel to find out the latest in travel trends in this amazing part of the world. 

1. BBQ cook-off on Route 66 Meet the USA’s national barbecue champions, the Randles and the Mellows, for a Be My Guest experience on Route 66. Enjoy dinner in the historic Forest Park, home to the 1904 World Fair, where your host and “Pit Master” Jim Randle details the family’s path to barbecue prominence. Learn about the different BBQ styles of Carolina, St. Louis, Memphis and Texas before getting tips on what goes into creating a great BBQ sauce. Split into teams and create your own BBQ sauce using your newfound knowledge and have a complete USA-style cook-off with your fellow travellers.

Trafalgar_St Louis BBQ chefs

2. Discover the “Salad bowl of the World” In Salinas Valley, also known as the “Salad Bowl of the World”, join a Local Specialist on an agricultural education tour to discover what makes Monterey County the number one vegetable growing region in the world. Enjoy a Californian wine pairing and a bounty of locally-sourced, seasonal foods.

Trafalgar_Happy Girl Kitchen (2)

3. Meet a “Mountie” in Canada It’s no secret that Canada has some of the best natural landmarks in the world. Just as beautiful in summer as it is in winter, Canada is the perfect destination to visit year-round. See it through the eyes of local resident as you discover the wildlife and iconic scenery of Banff with a “Mountie”. Sharing expert knowledge from their time in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police force, you’ll see the real Canada like a local.


4. Enjoy a private performance with music legend Johnny Cash’s son Go beyond the usual music tours in Nashville and gain a Cultural Insight into the life and music of Johnny Cash during a private performance with Johnny and June Carter’s son, John Carter Cash. Listen to original music, as well as a few numbers made famous by his legendary family. Chat with John and ask any questions about his father, their family and the influence music has had on him.

Flickr_John Carter Cash & Rosanne Cash

5. Dine with Mexico’s celebrated chef, Don Miguel Don Miguel is a Merida native who fell in love with the ancient traditions of Yucatan cuisine at a young age in his family kitchen. When Don began his career in earnest, he committed himself to using local products, maintaining traditional recipes and processes and serving a familiar yet modern version of his beloved Yucatan dishes. Well-known through Merida as an advocate for the conservation of traditional customs and cooking processes of the Mayans, Don invites you inside the Chaya Maya Mansion for an exclusive Be My Guest dinner.

Trafalgar_Happy Girl Kitchen

6. Meet local Peruvian artisans In Peru’s Sacred Valley, gain a Cultural Insight into the centuries-old methods of Peruvian weaving including the spinning and dyeing of traditional Andean textiles. Connect with local artisans and learn about their natural dyeing techniques, passed down from generation-to-generation by native weavers from different areas. These local ladies will chat to you about their love for Peruvian weaving and give you an insight into the traditional way of dressing in Peru.

Trafalgar_Local Peru

7. Stay in Yellowstone’s first superior hotel Relax and unwind in Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel in Wyoming and soak up the incredible views of Yellowstone’s hot limestone springs. Built in 1937, this Authentic Accommodation was the first elegant hotel built within the National Park and its pristine lodge location shows-off the natural wonders of Yellowstone alongside its plentiful wildlife. The hotel name derives from the Mammoth Hot Springs Terrace, a popular step-like geological feature nearby.

Mammoth Hot Spring Hotel_Flickr

8. Meet a local Hawaiian family in the Maui countryside. Hawaii’s tropical weather and abundance of rainforests and lush greenery make it the perfect destination to produce fresh fruit and vegetables year-round. Travel deep within Maui’s countryside and visit a local farm to learn about the sustainable agriculture on the island.


9. Sleep in a historic American property Its insider moments like sleeping in the setting of historic events at Boston’s elegant Omni Parker House that really turn holiday experiences into lifelong memories. Dating back to 1855, the property was where John F. Kennedy prosed to Jackie O in the summer of 1953 and announced his bid for congress in 1946. The hotel was also the workplace for Malcolm X and Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh and renowned for inventing the Boston cream pie in its kitchen.

Omni Parker House_Flickr

10. Have dinner with a cowboy Head into Big Sky Country where you’ll meet a resident cowboy for a western-style cookout. Venture to a private campsite to meet your host Happy Pappy, who will personally greet you and serve up one of his favourite all-American dishes. Pappy will regale you with history and tales of his life in the saddle before breaking into a western song. Find yourself in a cowboy hat as Pappy leads you all to the campfire. This cowboy isn’t armed with six shooters, but an old guitar. Songs next to the campfire conjure images of old wagon trains rolling west and the lonesome melodies of harmonicas in the dusk.

Horse and Rider

What’s your favourite place to travel in The Americas? Tell us your travel experiences below…


By Yvette Le Grew

Lifestyle Writer

Yvette Le Grew is the former Online Editor of The Australian Women’s Weekly, former Head of Digital Content at Westfield & freelance fashion, travel, health & lifestyle writer for titles across the UK, Asia and Australia. Yvette now contributes 'at large' for thecarousel.com.



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