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Tech Gadgets You Can’t Live Without – Plus The Latest Trends

What’s hot in technology? What tech gadget can’t you live without? And what’s next in technology? From wearable technology to the new Apple Smart Phone, Tech Entrepreneurs give their top tips.

We asked a team of Telstra’s Business Influencers: Robyn Foyster, Publisher of Women’s Lifestyle site The Carousel; Larry Heath, Founder & Editor in Chief, The AUreview; Beau Giles, tech blogger and speaker and writer Paul Wallbank to give us their verdict.

Three in our panel of experts said they couldn’t live without their Smartphone! And as for upcoming trends – you’ll be surprised about who is getting on the band wagon next.

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Tell us a little about your brand

Larry Heath: My name is Larry Heath, I’m the founder and Editor in Chief of the digital publication We’ve been running for about seven years. We cover music, technology, arts and culture. 

Robyn Foyster: Hi I’m Robyn Foyster, the publisher of We’re a women’s lifestyle website across multiple pillars including fashion, beauty, health, food, homes, parenting and bridal. 

Paul Wallbank: Hi my names is Paul Wallbank. I’m a speaker and writer and have a website at I cover evolving technologies and how business is changing.

Beau Giles: I’m Beau Giles and I blog about tech and other things.

What are the tech gadgets you cant live without?

Paul Wallbank: The one thing I can’t live without is my smart phone. Now that’s pretty obvious but that is what I live on, that’s everything that I do on a day to day basis is through that smart phone. 

Beau Giles: If I had to pick just two it would definitely be my phone and my computer. 

Robyn Foyster: My favourite tech gadget has got to be my iPhone 6. I’m completely plugged into it. I’m one of those triple screeners. So I’m on my iPad, I’m on my laptop and I’m on my smart phone all at the same time. 

Larry Heath: The tech gadget I couldn’t live without is my iPhone. It’s attached to my hip and I’m on it 24 hours a day. 

Which trends are you seeing in the market at the moment?

Beau Giles: So I think the trends that people are talking about including myself, is wearable technology. 

Larry Heath: It’s what we put on ourselves or in our home that make our lives easier and connects us. 

Robyn Foyster: There’s watches, glasses, bracelets, rings, there’s everything and we’ve obviously seen the Apple Smart Watch come onto the market which sold out within hours. 

Beau Giles: So you can check the time of course, you get your notifications, you can check apps, you can control your music, some you can even talk from. 

Paul Wallbank: Everybody is going mobile, so it’s on smartphones, it’s on your tablet, it’s on your laptop and of course we’re increasingly seeing the wearables. 

Robyn Foyster: I think we are going to see more luxury brands jump on the bandwagon as well so, you’re going to have more designer label wearable technology. It’s really exciting.  

What tech gadget can’t you live without? Tell us below…

Written by Robyn Foyster

With over 30 years experience as a journalist and TV producer, Robyn Foyster is the owner and publisher of the lifestyle websites, and

Robyn was voted one of the 30 most powerful women in media at the 2015 B&T Women In Media Awards.

Previously, Robyn was the Publisher and Editor of Australia's three biggest flagship magazine brands - The Australian Women's Weekly, Woman's Day and New Idea.

Robyn won Editor of the Year at the 2007 Magazine of the Year Award and under her helm The Australian Women's Weekly won the inaugural 2008 Australian Magazine Award for Australia's best mass market magazine and New Idea won the MPA's coveted Magazine of the Year award.

She can be contacted on [email protected]

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