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The Galaxy’s First Space Flower

The Galaxys First Space Flower

Scott Kelly is currently reaching the end of his year-long stay on the International Space Station (ISS). After a long time looking at the magnificence of our planet, he brought a burst of nature into the very confined and extreme environments of ISS. The First Space Flower!

First Space Flower NASA Scott Kelly
NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly. Image @StationCDRKelly

The scientific goal behind it was to determinate the capability of Zinnia flowers to grow in extreme conditions. He said it was very difficult to grow the flower since it is already a very sensitive plant. The very hostile environment of the ISS added to the challenge.

NASA First Space Flower
“#SpaceFlower out in the sun for the first time! #YearInSpace” @StationCDRKelly

However, the outcomes showed the possibility that Astronauts could be self-sufficient by growing their own food in the space station for long missions – and the Hollywood film The Martian is not far away from reality.

In addition, scientists believe that plants are beneficial for the crew and help connect with Earth. In such isolated places, plants support psychological well-being by giving little stimuli to the crew members.

Follow Scott Kelly’s journey on his Twitter page, or under the hashtag #YearInSpace.

Written by Olivier Legeay


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