17 Ingenious Gifts For Adventurous Dads From Amazon

17 Ingenious Gifts For Adventurous Dads From Amazon


Are you sick and tired of giving your dad the same gift cards every year on Father's Day? No worries! Take a look at what Amazon is now offering.

Just in time for Father’s Day, Amazon customers can now buy Amazon Gift Cards in select brick and mortar retailers across Australia including Australia Post, 7-Eleven, BP and United Petroleum, among others. Digital eGift Cards are also available on Amazon.com.au.

Wish Lists are also being introduced to Amzon’s Australian website, so Dads across the country can let their kids know the products that they are eyeing up ready for Sunday, 2nd September.

Independent research across more than 1,200 Australians shows that 1 in 2 Aussie Dads feels that celebrating Father’s Day is important with 3 in 4 Ausssies celebrating either as Dads themselves or in honour of their Dad or other Dads.


A large number of Australians who celebrate Father’s Day will celebrate with a meal or gathering out or at home, while 60% will buy a gift. The good news is that both gift buyers and dads are on the same page in terms of what to get Dad for Father’s Day, with the most sought-after item being gift cards.

However, gift cards may be the only thing dads and kids agree on. Beyond gift cards, those family members buying the gifts are likely to buy products to help spruce up their dad’s appearance, with clothes and grooming products ranking high on the list. But, when asked what they would really like to receive as a present this year, Dads are thinking about enjoying their downtime, with consumer electronics, books, and sportswear all appearing in the top ten gifts list.

“Father’s Day is clearly important to dads across the country and, with three young girls at home, I imagine I will be among the Dads receiving at least one homemade gift and hopefully something from my Amazon Wish List this year,” said Rocco Braeuniger, Country Manager of Amazon Australia. “Dads aren’t always easy to buy for so we hope that with Gift Cards and Wish Lists now available on Amazon.com.au, those tough-to-buy-for Dads will get something they really want this year!”


Amazon launched its membership program, Amazon Prime, in Australia in June of this year, offering free two business day delivery to nearly 90 per cent of Australians alongside an unparalleled combination of entertainment benefits. Prime-eligible products span all shopping categories currently available on amazon.com.au, including clothing & accessories, electronics, books, consumables, and home improvement, meaning that customers still have plenty of time to buy their dads the perfect gift.

Everyone can try Prime and enjoy all of the benefits by signing up for a free 30-day trial at www.amazon.com.au/prime. For those who still aren’t sure what to buy their dads, Amazon has created a gift guide for every type of dad, from the active dads to the tech-loving dads.

The research also showed that:

  • 81% of Aussie Dads say their kids never forget Father’s Day.
  • Father’s Day is less likely to be forgotten by kids if it is important to their dad (88% of dads who think it is important to celebrate Father’s Day say that their kids never forget).
  • The majority of Aussies who celebrate Father’s Day (76%) will celebrate with a meal or gathering out or at home, while 60% will buy a gift for Dad. 13% even make their own gifts – this is more popular amongst younger people (19% amongst 18-24-year-olds)
  • Females are twice as likely than males to buy a Dad a gift (79% vs. 40% of males).
  • More than half of those who celebrate with a meal or gathering also buy Dad a gift (56%).
  • Of those who buy gifts for a dad, nearly 1 in 2 (45%) find it easy to buy them a gift. Interestingly, women are more likely than men (39% vs. 29%) to find it difficult to choose a gift for Dad.
  • A woman’s blouse, cash, a potato and a clown were among the funniest gifts Aussie dads say they have ever received.

Top gifts Australians are considering buying Dad:

  1. Gift card
  2. Item(s) of clothing
  3. Tools
  4. Book(s)
  5. Grooming product(s)
  6. Consumer Electronics
  7. Socks/ Underwear
  8. Wallet
  9. Outdoor gear for camping
  10. Watch

Top gifts Dad wants this year:

  1. Gift card
  2. Consumer Electronics
  3. Tools
  4. Item(s) of clothing
  5. Books
  6. Wallet
  7. Sportswear
  8. Watch
  9. Sunglasses
  10. Shoes

Given the facts from above, amazon.com.au has come up with an effective guide to help you buy the perfect gift for your dad on his day!

Amazon’s Gift Guide for Father’s Day

For the adventurous Dad:

AUGYMER Bike Light (Amazon Prime eligible) – $25.99 – Make sure Dad stays safe on his next mountain bike adventure with a bright and reliable light to guide the way. Additionally, featuring a long battery life, this is the perfect companion for Dad’s next adventure.

PUMA Unisex Phase Backpack (Amazon Prime eligible) – $32.00 – With a 22L capacity and multiple storage compartments, this is the perfect backpack to help Dad carry everything he needs for his next adventure.

AUSINX Led Flashlight (Amazon Prime eligible) – $16.99 – Lightweight, water-resistant and with 6-8 hours of battery life, this flashlight is the ultimate camping companion.

For the tech-loving Dad:

Amazon Echo 2nd Generation (Amazon Prime eligible) – $149.00 – Connect the Echo to Alexa, making it easy for Dad to play music, make calls, set alarms, check his calendar and much more.

Hidden Spy Camera Watch – KAPOSEV 1080P HD (Amazon Prime eligible) – $49.99 – Not only boasting a stylish design and functionality of a watch but their piece also encompasses photography and video and voice recording technology. Perfect for any Dad that has a little 007 in him!

Kindle Paperwhite 6” E-Reader (Amazon Prime eligible) – $179.00 – Help Dad get through his new favourite Stephen King novel with this super-portable, high-res and adjustable Kindle.

GoPro HERO5 Black (Amazon Prime eligible) – $347.00 – The ultimate tech piece to capture everything on video, from the mundane to the exhilarating. Lightweight and super portable, any Dad would love this new toy.

Fire TV Stick (Amazon Prime eligible) – $69.00 – Providing Dad with easy access to content from Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube and over 4,000 apps and games, he couldn’t love a gadget more!

WH-1000XM2 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones – $670.31 – No matter what your dad’s passion is, he will be needing a noise-canceling headphone every now and then for his peace of mind. With this Sony product, guaranteed he’ll be able to tune in or out with ease!

For the hard-to-buy-for Dad:

BlitzWolf Wireless Charging Pad (Amazon Prime eligible) – $19.99 – everyone needs a charge and this wireless charger is perfect for every Dad. Sleek and minimal on their work desk or bedside table, this charging pad is highly efficient, charging up to 1.4X faster than other wireless chargers, meaning Dad can be on the go again sooner.

Parker IM Black Gold Trim Rollerball Pen (Amazon Prime eligible) – $40.63 – You can never go wrong with a nice pen!

Van Heusen Men’s Textured Reversible Belt “32 (Amazon Prime eligible) – $29.98 – Every Dad can always do with a nice belt and since this one is reversible it will go with all his outfits; stylish and practical!

For the chef-wannabee Dad:

Sunbeam Double Sieve Juicer Pro (Amazon Prime eligible) – $119.20 – encourage Dad to keep up his fruit and veggie intake with this pro juicer from Sunbeam. You could also use it to treat him to a fresh juice with breakfast in bed on Father’s Day!

Vegetable Spiralizer (Amazon Prime eligible) – $36.99 – Create whichever shape spiralized vegetables you like with this 5-blade spiraliser machine. This is perfect for any Dad that is keen to create low carb, paleo or gluten-free meals.

For the active Dad:

Fitbit Charge 2 small, black/silver (Amazon Prime eligible) – $147.00 – Encourage Dad to keep up his daily steps and keep active with the ultimate fit-Dad accessory!

Seacue LED Rechargable Headlamp (Amazon Prime eligible) – $16.99 – Dad will love that he’s able to light up the night and see where he is going on his next night run.

SoundPEATS Wireless Earbuds (Amazon Prime eligible) – $35.99 – Give Dad high fidelity stereo-quality sound on his next run, without being hampered in by wires and connection cords. With up to 8 hours of talk/play time these are perfect for the Dad that always needs to be moving.

Bonds Men’s Underwear Active Max Mid Length Trunk, Large (Amazon Prime eligible) – $20.27 – A classic Father’s Day gift, surely Dad would miss it if he didn’t receive his new trunks this year!