6 Cool Apps For Australian Hipsters

6 Cool Apps For Australian Hipsters

Hipsters are a real community mainly in Sydney around Bondi Beach and trendy spots such as Surry Hills! Clearly this style fad is here to stay, so if you can’t beat them, join them! This collection of iPhone apps will help you fit-in with the trendy, cultured hipsters in your area.

InstaHipsta – Free 

Turn anybody or anything into a hipster with InstaHipsta. InstaHipsta provides everything you need to turn yourself into a hipster: such as ironic moustaches (real and cartoon styles), thick frame glasses, scarves, fixie bikes and filters to give your picture that final hipster touch. Go ahead and hipsterfy your friends, family and pets.

6 Cool Apps For Australian Hipsters

triple j – Free 

Listen to all the latest hipster tunes on Triple J. Read music news for the latest tour and festival info (Hipsters love music festivals). Add songs to ‘Tracks I Love’ and watch film clips, and message presenters via SMS and Twitter.

6 Cool Apps For Australian Hipsters

Green Kitchen – AU$6.49 

This is the perfect recipe app for healthy hipsters wanting to spice up their organic gluten-free diets. Green Kitchen is an inspiring source of organic and tasty vegetarian food, with ingredients straight from nature and a bare minimum of gluten, sugar and dairy products used.

6 Cool Apps For Australian Hipsters

Australian Op Shops – AU$1.29

Op Shops and Thrift stores are fashion honeypots for hipsters trying to source the latest vintage threads. This app is a guide to Op Shops around Australia that uses the GPS on your iPhone to tell you where they are and how to get there.

6 Cool Apps For Australian Hipsters

Real Guitar Free

With the help of Real Guitar you can easily strum, pluck, and strike the strings to play the chords of any complexity and figure out your favourite hipster tunes or make up your own. Also, learn and master new chords and jingles with Real Guitar, as well.

6 Cool Apps For Australian Hipsters

Osmo Leaker Pro – AU$1.29

Did you take a photo, and it didn’t look quite vintage enough? Use Osmo to put in some light leaks and watch your picture go back in time, as if it were taken with some vintage camera from the days of old.

6 Cool Apps For Australian Hipsters

Written by Frederique Bros

Frederique Bros is the founder of Women Love Tech and writes about technology for The Carousel.

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