New Sustainable Beauty, Books and Fashion That Are Hot This Month

Sustainable beauty
Ilona Marchetta

Sustainability & Home Editor

Oct 20, 2021

It’s been a big month for new planet-loving products and good news stories across lifestyle, beauty and fashion. Maybe it’s the start of a new season, or perhaps it’s the promise of the world re-opening as we all learn to live with COVID-19. Whatever it is, we’ve loved every bit of eco-friendly newness that has come across our desks. Here’s a few that have had us talking the most this month.


Blue Light Defence & Moisturising Mist by Susanne Kaufmann

From computers to phones to television screens, the hours we are exposed to blue light every day add up and is something to be mindful of for the sake of our skin. Blue light is linked to pigmentation and accelerated signs of ageing.  Austrian natural beauty brand Susanne Kaufmann has just released Blue Light Defence & Moisturising Mist and we can’t wait to get our paws on it. The spray contains the ingredient Soliberine, derived from the Butterfly Bush, which has been shown to protect the skin from the damaging effects of light rays, infrared rays and blue light. The bottle is made from 100% recycled ‘post consumer material) and the spray is packaged in fully recyclable FSC certified paper.

Keep It Simple Skin products

KISS (Keep It Simple Skin)

New Australian clean beauty brand KISS launched just this month and encourages consumers to keep their skin care routine simple with a compact range of just six products, all at an affordable price point. The ‘essentials’ range consists of the Whipped Clean exfoliating cleanser, the Secret Agent moisturiser and an eye cream that contains probiotics. Three serums – Quinoa Face Lift, Wrinkle Iron, and an anti-pigmentation – provide the ability to address specific skin concerns. KISS is all-natural, cruelty-free, vegan, free of parabens, phthalates and sulphates, and comes in environmentally conscious recycled plastic packaging.

R+Co Bleu product range


Salon-favourite hair care brand R+Co has released a range of non-toxic high-performing formulations in packaging that is 100% recyclable, and made of 100% post-consumer recycled material or recyclable bioresin sugarcane plastic. Each product contains the proprietary Bleu Molecule Complex designed to build strength and shine, and micro-encapsulated sugar molecules that gradually deliver active ingredients. Notable active ingredients include avocado, abbyssinica and sunflower seed oils, and the powerful antioxidant tocopherol to protect hair from the elements. It’s about time such a revered brand took a sustainable turn and we can’t wait to see if it follows suite with its other collections.

Tailor Skincare Awaken

Awaken by Tailor Skincare

Fans of the cult New Zealand beauty brand Tailor Skincare have been waiting a long time for this one; The brand has just released its first ever eye cream. Aptly titled ‘Awaken’, the formula is a combination of caffeine extract, golden mica and hyaluronic acid to brighten and provide lasting hydration to the eye area. Like all Tailor Skincare products, Awaken is all-natural, cruelty-free, vegan, free of parabens, phthalates and sulphates, and comes in environmentally conscious recycled plastic packaging. Your Tailor Skicare routine is now complete.

New Archie toothpaste refill flavours

We know what you’re thinking – what’s so exciting about toothpaste? Well, we love refills because they reduce waste. And while refills for home cleaning are fairly common these days, they’re still much harder to find when it comes to personal grooming. Archie have just dropped two new refill flavours – Yummy Strawberry and Blue Cola – in the brand’s 99% natural formulation. Purchase one of Archie’s forever glass toothpaste dispensers and you’ll never need to buy a plastic tube again.

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Our Sunburnt Country book cover

Our Sunburnt Country by Anika Molesworth

Engaging, informative and a call-to-action: Our Sunburnt Country by 2015 Young Farmer of the Year and current Deputy Chair of Farmers for Climate Action Dr Anika Molesworth is the non-fiction book to pick up this month. Taking a rare from-the-ground-up look at the effects of climate change on a topic everyone can find a way to relate to – food – Anika effortlessly connects the dots between macro events like changing weather patterns to government policy right through to personal choices like where to shop and how to dispose of waste. Those with little knowledge but a desire to learn more will appreciate Our Sunburnt Country as an easy to digest yet comprehensive entry point to many of the complex climate change terms and topics of the moment.

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Nude Lucy activewear

Nude Lucy’s new activewear range

Who hasn’t been talking about the launch of Nude Lucy’s conscious activewear this month. Made from premium recycled fabric, the 16 piece collection embodies everything we love about the label – practical, stylish, minimal – AND it helps divert waste from landfill. “The ethos of it is to sit back with the apparel and the feeling we create in our brand, which is this easy, relaxed, slow pace of life,” says Nilou Zibaee, Head of Brand. “So rather than speeding up it’s about slowing down, creating balance through movement, realignment, restoration, meditation & well being. The colours are muted, earthy tones, the finish is matt, the detailing is minimal, and the quality is sustainable. It’s designed to be comfortable, versatile and extend beyond your workout.” Count us in.

Local Supply Blue Light range

Blue Light Blockers by Local Supply

The new blue light filtering range by Local Supply is every bit as cool as we’ve come to expect from the premium sustainable eyewear brand. Like all Local Supply pieces, the collection is made from luxury-grade, plant-based materials using zero-waste manufacturing.


By Ilona Marchetta

Sustainability & Home Editor

Ilona Marchetta is The Carousel's Home and Sustainability Editor. She is a change manager and journalist specialising in sustainability. Ilona is passionate about slow and mindful living, from fashion to interiors to beauty and self care.



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