Why Naomi Watts Loves Being In Her Forties

Why Naomi Watts Loves Being In Her Forties1
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May 19, 2016

Since hitting her forties and settling into motherhood, Naomi is revelling in the choice of meatier roles now being offered.

Why Naomi Watts Loves Being In Her Forties3

“I don’t want to curse myself by saying this, but I’m going to, I guess things are pretty OK for me,” the 47-year-old star told Britain’s Hello! magazine.

“There aren’t an abundance of roles but things are OK. I strongly believe the roles over 40 are far more in-depth, far more developed.

“There’s experience, there’s kids and younger women in their 20s that’s not a lot of life under their belt.”

Why Naomi Watts Loves Being In Her Forties2

It’s a nice place to be in, says the two-time Oscar nominated reigning queen of troubled, anguished or imperilled characters.

But even now the star of The Impossible and 21 Grams never gets too cocky, or complacent.

“Yes, I’m more secure standing where the phone rings — and that is still a novelty to me because it didn’t for a long time.

“You still get periods where it’s slow but you just ride those times.”

Naomi’s stocks should rise even higher, however, with her latest movie Demolition, which headlines the Sydney Film Festival from June 13, before its general release in Australia on July 14.

The dark comic drama tells the story of an investment banker, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, who, after tragically losing his wife, forms an unlikely friendship with a customer service rep (Naomi) after sending the company she works for letters.

“It is very different from anything I’d done before,” says Naomi of the film by Jean-Marc Vallee, the same director who brought us Wild and Dallas Buyers Club.

“It felt awkward and beautiful, had a very different relationship between two people who would ordinarily never connect: and it had the journey this man embarks on.”

The Hollywood star dates director/actor Liev Schreiber with whom she has two sons, Alexander Peter (known as Sasha), seven, and Samuel Kai, five.


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