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Why Divorcee Drew Barrymore Has Never Been Happier

Why Divorcee Drew Barrymore Has Never Been Happier1

The 41-year-old, who recently announced her split from her husband of four years Will Kopelman, is putting all her energies into raising daughters Olive, 3, and Frankie, 2.

“I’m so happy now, and I have such a good thing in my life with my kids and everything,” the actress told reporters at the Safe Kids Day promotion in California, where she also flashed her new wrist tattoo baring her children’s names.

Why Divorcee Drew Barrymore Has Never Been Happier2

“Yesterday, Olive got into my lipstick and it was a real scene. Let’s just say the whole face got covered, then the hands on the walls, everywhere … I was like, how did this happen in three minutes? It took over an hour to get it off of her. It was nuts.”

Making matters worse: It happened right before Frankie’s birthday party.

But despite the hitch, the bash was a success. “It was so sweet and delicious,” Drew raved. “We had a Minnie Mouse cake, and it was like the best thing ever.”

Why Divorcee Drew Barrymore Has Never Been Happier3

Drew says she also plans to celebrate Mother’s Day by doing philanthropic work in her daughters’ names.

“I make a Hallmark card for them and tell them what I did in their honour and in their name and I put it in a pink shoebox. The box is growing, and it’s so meaningful,” she says.

Her charitable and philanthropic work focuses on children’s issues, including Safe Kids Worldwide, working as an ambassador for the U.N. World Food Program, and supporting Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

Why Divorcee Drew Barrymore Has Never Been Happier4

Drew credits her charitable work with preparing her for parenthood.

“Children’s charity is what speaks to me. It has for the last 15 years,” says Drew, who also has her own wine label.

“I think maybe the universe was preparing me to have a relationship and care for and a dedication with children so that I would be better mother.

“Up until then, I had such a hard time with kids. I was never a kid myself, I didn’t hang around with kids, I felt like kids were like, ‘Beat it, weirdo.’ I really did [feel] kind of, ‘Oh, God, will I ever connect with kids?’

“And it turns out, they’re my whole life mission. Life can always take most dramatic of turns that you can’t anticipate.”

Why Divorcee Drew Barrymore Has Never Been Happier5

Drew has been divorced twice before her split with Will, above. At 19, she had a two-month marriage to bar owner Jeremy Thomas, and she was wed to comedian Tom Green for five months in 2001.

For more details on how it all went awry for Drew and Will, click here.

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