The Surprise New Bachelorette Hook-up

The Bachelorette Split And The Social Media Spray
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Dec 04, 2015

The Bachelor’s season one contestant Sarah-Mae Amey and Dave Billsborrow, one of The Bachelorette’s top five suitors, have confirmed they are an item.

And in a surprise twist, plumber Dave says he was introduced to florist Sarah by her flatmate, The Bachelorette’s Sam Frost and her new beau Sasha Mielczarek.

The Surprise New Bachelorette Hook-up
The Bachelor’s Sarah-Mae and The Bachelorette hopeful Dave are a couple.

“Sam and Sasha introduced us a while ago,’ he explained, describing Sarah-Mae, who appeared in the 2013 series of The Bachelor, as a ‘good egg’.

Sarah-Mae, who was the seventh-to-last contestant sent packing by Tim Garvey that year, says things between the pair were “so far, so good”.

The Surprise New Bachelorette Hook-up
Sarah-Mae failed to make a lasting impression with 2013 Bachelor Tim Garvey.

Reports says confirmation of the new relationship comes after the duo stepped out together at a NOVA Red Room event held at Marquee in Sydney.

Dave and Sarah-Mae were first pictured getting cosy in early November when they attended a Derby Day after-party in Melbourne.

While clutching a large bottle of vodka, Dave was snapped cuddling up to a clearly smitten Sarah-Mae.

No word yet on whether they’ve since graduated to double-dating with Sam and Sasha, however.

But Dave says he speaks to Australia’s most popular reality TV couple every day.

The Surprise New Bachelorette Hook-up
Sarah-Mae approves of Sam’s new love.

“Sam and Sasha have got a great relationship,” he says.

“I talk to Sasha every day and every time I am on the phone to him you can hear Sam in the background going ‘make sure you tell Dave I said hello and how you’re going’.”

Sarah-Mae says she has 2014 Bachelor contestant Lisa Hyde to thank for her friendship with Sam, and subsequent new romance.

They were friends from the Gold Coast and when Lisa came to stay in Sydney she asked if she could bring along her good friend Sam.

The Surprise New Bachelorette Hook-up
The flatmates are now inseparable.

“I had a spare room and it just worked out that my lease was up and Sam wanted to move to Sydney. And now we’re inseparable like sisters. It’s fun!”, says Sarah-Mae.

Ironically, it was Sarah-Mae who used to dish out the dating advice to unlucky-in-love Sam.

“That’s all we really talk about at home – life, career and boys,” she said last year.

“Sammy is an Aries so she’s a little bit like, you know, she doesn’t think before she does things. So I kind of pull her back down.”


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