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Sylvia Jeffreys And Peter Stefanovic Announce Engagement!

Sylvia Jeffreys And Peter Stefanovic Announce Engagement!1

“Asked my missus to be my wife and she said yes,” Peter, who is the younger brother of Today show host Karl, shared on Instagram.

While proudly flashing her new diamond sparkler, Sylvia, 30, revealed that they had actually kept the proposal a secret for a couple of weeks.

Sylvia Jeffreys And Peter Stefanovic Announce Engagement!2

“A couple of weeks ago Pete popped the question, and I said yes, OF COURSE!!!” Sylvia wrote on her own Instagram account.

“We’ve had the most wonderful time celebrating with great mates. We couldn’t be happier.”

Sylvia and Peter began dating in early 2014, when Peter was Channel Nine’s Europe correspondent.

They confirmed their relationship in June 2014, after months of speculation.

Sylvia told Show + Tell recently that the pair’s relationship started with letter-writing after the pair worked together on the Today show over the 2013 Christmas break.

“My sister and mum both sat me down after that stint on air with Pete and said ‘is their something going on, is there something there?’,” she said, adding that the couple began “pen-palling” after Peter returned to Europe.

Sylvia Jeffreys And Peter Stefanovic Announce Engagement!3

“It was just nice things, about having a nice time working together and wishing me well …  There’s something for a 33-year-old man to sit down and hand write a letter and post it to you. It doesn’t matter what’s in that letter but that’s a gesture in itself.”

While Peter has been back in Australia since 2015, Sylvia ruled out the possibility of the pair taking on a permanent joint hosting gig in the future.

Sylvia said although the pair had worked together in the past, sharing a desk with her fiancé would be “too difficult”.

“We had a good time before we were together, but I’m not really sure if it’s a good idea now.”

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