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Sydney Dance Company’s Dazzling Start To 2016

Artistic director Rafael Bonachela says the inspiration behind the electrifying performance of Lux Tenebris is the exploration of the luminescence of life.

“The main idea is not to lose hope, and that there is always space for beauty and light, even in the darkest places,” he said at a recent dress rehearsal.

The music composed by Nick Wales perfectly blends with the unexpected movements of the dancers in a show which promises to intrigue, move and entertain you.

The internationally recognised director continues to show his diverse talent – working not only with contemporary dance, but also with artists from popular culture such as singers Kylie Minogue and Tina Turner.

He recently wowed the fashionista world by staging a collaboration of dance and fashion between the Sydney Dance Company and David Jones at the retailer’s recent A\W 2016 launch in Sydney.

Rafael’s world premiere of Lux Tenebris provides the perfect contrast of light and darkness, black and white. It’s the first half of an exhilarating double bill with Alexander Ekman’s Cacti that will intrigue, move and entertain you.

The dancers execute twists and fluid moves, sweeping up the audience in the emotion. The ovation following the performance The Carousel attended was just reward for all the hard work and commitment needed.

Don’t miss CounterMove in its limited two-week Sydney season from February 26 to March 12 at the Roslyn Packer Theatre.

The production then moves to Canberra from May 19-21, before a final performance in Melbourne from May 25 to June 4.

Tickets start at $45 and can be bought be clicking here.

Follow #SDCCounterMove @SydneyDanceCo on Instagram and Twitter.

Written by Olivier Legeay

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