Sophie Monk: “The Bachelorette Is Better Than Tinder”

Jules Sebastian and Sophie Monk
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Sep 19, 2017

In this episode, Sophie talked openly about love, life, Hollywood, Guy Sebastian and her biggest regret from her Playboy shoot.

Jules warmly welcomed Sophie on the show. At the start of the interview, Jules tells Sophie that The Bachelorette is one of her ‘favourite shows’, and she was so excited when she found out that Sophie’s going to be on that famous reality TV megadrama.

Sophie Monk on The Bachelorette: “It’s better than Tinder”

“No one believed me at first,” Sophie recalls. “I was like ‘Yep, I am that desperate’.”

Little did we know, it was Sophie’s mum who encouraged her to join The Bachelorette.

“I was so offended when she said it at first. But then I realised she was right. I only meet people in the industry. I think because of roles I’ve played in movies and stuff I attract the wrong guys. So I was like, ‘This is perfect’. It’s better than Tinder – someone’s actually auditioning these guys for me,” she tells Jules.

Knowing she’ll be on the reality TV, Sophie admitted she felt terrified just at the thought of it and surprisingly she gets very nervous when she goes on a date.

She also admits that she’s an awkward person. “I’m so nervous that if someone puts their hand on my leg, I stop talking,” she tells Jules. “I’m not cool. I’m very awkward.”

On Love and Relationship

When asked about love and relationships, Sophie says she admires men who are trustworthy and has a sense of humour. These are the most important things to her in a relationship.

“If it [trust] is not there, you’re screwed. You need to know that when you’re not there – because I travel a lot – that you’re safe. That anxiety is awful if you don’t trust someone,” she says.

She honestly opened up as well about her ‘2.5 engagements’ and why her relationships didn’t work out with ex-fiancées Benji Madden and businessman Jimmy Esebag.

“With Benji and Jimmy, my heart wasn’t in LA. I knew I’d had to settle and live in America and my life would be there. I just couldn’t do it,” she says.

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During the interview, Jules asks her if she remembered the time her husband, Guy Sebastian, vomited in her car. She hilariously regales us with how she held Guy’s ‘fro back after World Idol.

“Oh, I remember that,” Sophie laughs. “He had that massive ‘fro – it weighed about two kilos, so I just held it back for him.”

When asked about her posing in a Playboy shoot, Sophie did hesitantly open up about it. Jules followed it up with what is her biggest regret about the shoot.

“They [my nipples] are always erect. But they look a bit the 70s [in the shoot],” she says.

Jules Sebastian and Sophie Monk The Bachelorette

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