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Sam Frost Reveals Her Most Embarrassing Run-In With Ex

Sam Frost Reveals Her Most Embarrassing Run-In With Ex

But Australia’s most popular reality TV sweetheart admits that things don’t always go so smoothly.

She let slip on her 2Day FM radio show with Rove McManus that she’d made a complete fool of herself at a friend’s recent birthday bash she attended without her beau Sasha Mielczarek.

“I am so mortified and embarrassed at myself,” says the red-faced Sam.

“I bumped into one of my exes and for some reason I just became really awkward.

“I was just fumbling around and I was really disappointed because it was the one time Sasha [Mielczarek] wasn’t out with me and I was like: “Damn I wish my boyfriend was there!”

Sam Frost Reveals Her Most Embarrassing Run-In With Ex

Sam, 26, says she was determined to let her ex know she was now happily off-the-market.

“I just wanted to drop it in there and, so, I was like: “Yeah… I got a boyfriend!”

“And he was like: ‘Yeah I know’,” Sam went on.

Seems a flustered Sam, 26, was so caught up in the awkward moment that she temporarily forget that she was now the most famous reality star in Australia.

“I was thinking: ‘How did he know that?’: He must have seen my Instagram,” Sam continues, although she stops short of naming her former flame.

She adds: “Wait no, it’s quite public knowledge.”

Sam Frost Reveals Her Most Embarrassing Run-In With Ex

As if that wasn’t bad enough, Sam also realises all her friends are watching the ‘trainwreck’ moment unfold.

“I am so mortified and embarrassed at myself and all my friends were watching going: ‘She’s so painful!,” Sam recalls of the uncomfortable exchange.

“My friends knew this was going to happen,” she confesses.

“They were like: ‘Oh God! Watch her she’s like a trainwreck!’ ”

For an update on Sam and Sasha’s engagement and moving-in-together plans, click here.

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