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‘Real Housewife’ Out Of Jail Before Xmas

'Real Housewife' Out Of Jail Before Xmas

The feisty mum-of-four will serve the remainder of her 15-month term in home confinement, before husband Joe begins his 41-month sentence in March, 2016.

Teresa and Joe Giudice pleaded guilty to a handful of financial crimes that included bank fraud and tax evasion.

'Real Housewife' Out Of Jail Before XmasThey were given successive jail terms so there would always be one parent home to look after the children.

Joe is clearly delighted to have his wife home for the holidays. A brand new $120,000 Lexus was spotted in their driveway with a large red bow wrapped around it.

'Real Housewife' Out Of Jail Before Xmas

“She is thrilled that she is finally going home,” reports People magazine.

“Teresa was smiling when she emerged [from jail]. She was wearing all black and looked happy.”

The source added that her husband Joe was “anxiously” waiting in the driveway for her arrival from the Connecticut prison.

'Real Housewife' Out Of Jail Before Xmas

Driven by her lawyer and trailed by a fleet of TV cameras, Teresa pulled into her suburban home around 7.30am to welcoming signs hanging on the front door, including one that said: “We missed you”.

Her 14-year-old daughter Gia tweeted her delight, writing “welcome home” alongside a beaming face emoji.

'Real Housewife' Out Of Jail Before XmasIn 2009, the Giudices filed for bankruptcy, reportedly owing around $15 million. The couple’s $4 million New Jersey palace was in foreclosure earlier this year, as was their $480,000 Jersey Shore beach house.

According to the New York Daily News they’ve somehow been able to stay up to date on the $14,000-a-month mortgage payments on their mansion, which is apparently now out of foreclosure.

In addition to their time in prison, they were ordered to pay more than $550,000 in restitution.

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