The Great Wall Of China And Raising Awareness On Multiple Sclerosis

The Great Wall Of China And Raising Awareness On Multiple Sclerosis
Victoria Dezeraud

Lifestyle Writer

Apr 03, 2019

The Carousel was invited to a healthy start along to a morning yoga class by the brand Nuzest. The objective was to raise awareness around the multiple sclerosis. This year, Nuzest is sending a team to walk the Great Wall of China as part of the  Kiss Goodbye to MS  Great Wall of China Trek.

Monique Bolland Nuzest, Nuzest co-founder, was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at 22 years old. Then, with her father Trevor (the other Nuzest co-founder) they both travelled worldwide to find the best neurologists and naturopaths.

Monique’s ability to live a healthy and active life (we had the pleasure to see her pregnant at the event!), is due to a serious lifestyle change including changes in her daily diet.

This difficult period led this powerful dad and daughter duo to build a brand which could help others maximising and improving their nutrition. Monique’s disease was their driving force to build the company which is now present in more than twenty countries.  The aim of the company is to provide the cleanest green multi nutrient and vegan protein powder on the market.

After the yoga class, held in Hot Dog Yoga, Double Bay, we refuelled our bodies with smoothies made with the clean lean protein powder formula: very tasty (also thanks to fruits and vegetal milk added), it was consistent and nourishing.

Yoga Class with Nuzest

Formulas are designed to offer good nutrition to everybody as they are free from common allergens, gluten free, vegan and dairy free. The product range also extends to bars and ready-to-go protein mixes. When saying accessible to everyone they really mean everyone: hence the launch of “Kids Good Stuff” an all-in-one balance of vitamins and minerals for a fuss-free way to fill the gaps in children’s diet.

Nuzest Vegan Protein Powder

If you are interested in participating in the 2019 edition of The Kiss Goodbye to MS Great Nuzest Challenge, there is still time to apply ! Nuzest Australia is sending one lucky winner on the trip of a lifetime to help raise funds for Multiple Sclerosis research. You’ll trek the Great Wall and explore rural Chinese villages; discover the contacts of ancient and modern Beijing, including Tiananmen Square and the grand imperial architecture of the Forbidden City. Each ticket is valued over $5,000 and this, along with additional funds raised, will go straight to MSRA.

About Multiple Sclerosis : MS is an incurable autoimmune disease of the central nervous system which damages the myelin sheath that coasts nerves. 2.5 million people are estimated being affected by the disease and 70% are female. The impact are numerous: in-coordinate or complete loss of moto function, sensory numbness, fatigue and heat sensitivity, virtual disturbance and blindness and neuropsychological symptoms. 

Nuzest Challenge

Charlie Thompson, The Clean Collective Founder

Meet Inspirational Charlie Thompson, The Clean Collective Co Founder


By Victoria Dezeraud

Lifestyle Writer

Victoria Dezeraud is a contributor for The Carousel and Women Love Tech.



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