Prince Harry Reveals He’s Not Ready To Settle Down


“There are a lot of things to get done before settling down,” he told an ITV reporter. “Everyone looks forward to settling down but in the meantime it’s work as usual so let’s crack on.”


The fifth in line to the throne was talking during a trek in Britain with the veterans charity, Walking With The Wounded, where he joined a group of six ex-servicemen and women.

The 1600 kilometre walk of which the dashing 31-year old royal walked 27 miles started at the Glenfiddich distillery in Dufftown in the Scottish highlands and is due to finish at Buckingham Palace in London on November 1.

Prince Harry served two tours in Afghanistan and ten years in the army before quitting military life in June this year. He said we need to do more to help ex-soldiers suffering from mental and physical wounds.


“We need to do more, not just with these guys, but everyone suffering from mental health,” he added.

‘Mental health is a sensitive subject but it doesn’t need to be. We need to talk about it more, get rid of the stigma. What better people to bring that to the forefront than these guys? They are mentally strong and they are willing to talk about it,’ he said.

He said the issue of PTSD – Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome – should be taken more seriously.

‘The good thing is the guys who have lost limbs and the guys who have visual injuries are the ones helping out the other guys. It works really well.
‘It’s hard for people to comprehend what’s going through other people’s minds. Every person is unique. There is not one solution for everybody.”


Harry recently spent three months in Africa on a wildlife conservation trip to Africa where he grew his much talked about beard.

His new red bearded look first won attention at a Battle of Britain flypast at Goodwood Aerodrome and it’s since been voted the sexiest in the world.

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