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New Mum Rose Byrne Poses For Playboy

New Mum Rose Byrne Poses For Playboy1

But the 36-year-old does not appear nude in the shots – the magazine recently announced it would keep all subjects covered up.

New Mum Rose Byrne Poses For Playboy2

Rose is instead dressed in a sexy red silk robe and a black embellished dress, and opens up about all manner of subjects in the June issue, out now, including her longtime love, Bobby Cannavale.

“Bobby is, you know, Bobby Broadway. We’re a couple of theater geeks,” says Rose, the star of Bad Neighbours 2 and X-Men: Apocalypse.

New Mum Rose Byrne Poses For Playboy3

The couple who’ve been together since 2012 became parents in February when they welcomed son Rocco into the world.

The actress told the magazine she definitely has noticed similarities to her own parents, now that she’s a new mum.

New Mum Rose Byrne Poses For Playboy5

“Luckily, I like my parents, so it’s cool. But it’s funny how it manifests itself.

“My parents are very no-nonsense Australians: They don’t like fanfare or fussiness. They’re incredibly self-sufficient and curious. I hope I’m like them in those ways.

“Australians are real wanderers; we’re well travelled because we’re so isolated. That’s something I’m proud of being an Australian.”

Rose admits it wasn’t easy at first cracking into Hollywood. She would go back and forward from Australia for three years before she landed her first job.

“And I didn’t take to it at first. In my own naïve way I felt prepared for L.A., but nothing can ever really prepare you for L.A.

As for the often contentious subject of women in comedy, Rose says:

“With Bridesmaids, all the press focused on was ‘Wow, they’re all women, and they’re funny!’

“You would never say that about a comedy with all guys. No one would say, ‘They’re men, and they’re funny!’ We were really treated like aliens in the press.’

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