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Meet The Inspiring Model With The Bionic Leg

Meet The Inspiring Model With The Bionic Leg

One minute she was fighting for her life, fearing her only hope was to have the leg riddled with bone cancer amputated.

The next, she’s not only alive, but on the books of a new modelling agency run by Kate Moss’s stepmother.

Miraculously, doctors were able to replace almost all of the bones in her leg with highly durable titanium.

Meet The Inspiring Model With The Bionic Leg

The surgery left her with a scar, from her upper thigh to her shin – and means she now relies on a crutch.

But Elesha says she can live with those relatively small reminders of her ordeal.

Elesha was introduced to MK Model Management by Models of Diversity founder Angel Sinclair, and they were quick to snap her up – making the cancer survivor one of the first disabled fashion models to be represented by a UK agency.

Models of Diversity is a UK-based charity which campaigns to get more diversity within the modelling industry.

“I’ve gone from thinking I might lose my leg to becoming a model. It’s just so surreal,” says Elesha.

“When the doctors told me I had cancer, it was just a nightmare – I didn’t know anyone who had been affected by it before, so it was so scary.

Meet The Inspiring Model With The Bionic Leg

“When they told me about the surgery, I couldn’t believe it. It’s amazing what doctors can do.

“I had the surgery the day before my birthday, so I woke up on my birthday cancer free.”

Elesha says she always thought she would be too short to model.

But she was inspired to chase her dream after reading a magazine story about the work of Models of Diversity while in hospital.

Meet The Inspiring Model With The Bionic Leg

Although her leg was salvaged, Elesha will need to rely on a crutch for the rest of her life.

But she says that she still leads a relatively normal life.

“Other than that I don’t really have any other side effects. I lead a pretty normal life.

“It’s had a positive effect on my modelling. Before I was quite self-conscious but after everything I’ve been through I’ve become more accepting of myself.”

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