Meet The 10-Year-Old ‘Supermodel’ Melting The Internet

10-Year-Old 'Supermodel' Melting The Internet
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Feb 10, 2016

Her supporters say that modelling at 10-years of age is no different than being a child actor, while the other camp says it’s exploitative, and her innocent poses can too easily be misconstrued.

Since amassing more than two million followers on Facebook, Kristina has been bombarded with sexualised comments referring to her legs and body.

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On a recent Instagram photo, one pervert remarked: “Do you want to stay with me?” while another said: “sexy legs”.

Despite the disturbing comments, Kristina’s mum Glikeriya Pimenova, 40, doesn’t see anything wrong with the photos.

She believes that pictures showcasing children’s clothes are not provocative.

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“You must think like a paedophile in order to see something sexual in these pictures, so it is time for you to see a doctor,” she says in one recent report.

Despite Kristina’s huge online presence, Glikeriya claims that the young girl doesn’t access social media.

Glikeriya says she also regularly monitors the posts and frequently deletes inappropriate comments.

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“Any video or pictures posted here that is not appropriate for Kristina’s age will be deleted and whoever posted it will be blocked,” she warns on the Facebook page.

Australian model and TV presenter Jesinta Campbell, for one, is critical of Kristina’s latest deal with LA Models.

“Having a child in front of a camera before they know who they are is a really dangerous thing,” she sells the Today show.

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The 2010 Miss Universe winner says “it’s way too young ” for Kristina to begin her career, with her own mother making her wait until she was 17 to begin modelling.

“That’s one of the reasons I’ve been able to be successful in this industry, because if I had started too young it would have had a negative impact on me.

“This girl should be in the playground, at the park playing. Children shouldn’t even be wearing makeup before 13, I just think it’s absolutely ridiculous.”

10-Year-Old 'Supermodel'

Co-host Sonia Kruger, however, disagrees – she believes that modelling at that age is no different from acting.

“There are plenty of parents out there whose children want to do this kind of thing, and if they want to and they’re successful at it, I don’t think it’s a bad thing,” says Sonia.


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